If Old Lash Mappings Be Forgot, and Never Brought to Eye – Taking A Look Back at the Last 12 Months and Everything it Gave Us!

One thing we love to do at the beginning of the year is to look back at how far we’ve come since this time last year, and reflect on what the last year looked like for us – it helps to motivate us and set goals for the year ahead, and gives us a little sense of satisfaction too. 

If you didn’t already know, we only launched our Canadian website in April 2022, so 2023 was the first full year we have to look at! 

Just to give you a little insight into all of the cool things you might have missed in 2023, we’ve put together three Top 3 lists of the things that other Lash Techs were getting excited about.

Top 3 Lash Mapping Styles 2023

Angel Lashes began their rise to popularity in the Spring of 2023, and love for them soared throughout the year among Lash Techs and clients alike! In case you don’t know, Angel Lashes are a variation of a wet set of lashes, but which use much smaller closed fans, often mixed in with light and wispy classic lashes

For a full tutorial of this wispy hybrid lash look, including the best lashes to use to achieve the look, take a look at this blog post next.  

angel lashes


Manga Lashes – also known as Anime Lashes – had been floating around for a while already, but they really emerged as a front-runner in 2023 where lash mapping styles were concerned. Manga Lashes can be applied in a couple of different ways (which, of course, helps to boost their popularity as they can be offered to a wider pool of lash clients), with one type being closer in style to that very even top line that we saw with the emergence of Kim K lashes back in 2018, and the other being closer to wispy hybrid lashes. 

a model with manga lashes

The aim of Manga Lashes is to place long spikes throughout the lash line with shorter lash extensions – Classic or Volume – in between them to give the wearer a look similar to an anime character.

For a full Manga Lash mapping style guide, check out this blog post next.

Wet Look Lashes aren’t new by any means, first gaining popularity in early 2020. Owing to lockdowns and social distancing regulations around that time and in the year or so that followed, Wet Look Lashes didn’t really get their time in the spotlight, until they rose in popularity again in 2023. 

a close up of a set of wet look lashes on a grey and green eye.

Wet Look Lashes were once a rebellious lash mapping style in a world where an even top line was king, but now they just speak to our clients’ growing love of highly textured wispy lash looks. Wet Look Lashes are created by applying Volume Lash Extensions which haven’t been opened out into fans. You can create a similar look by using flat lashes instead of regular classic lashes, or you could use Premade Spikes to save yourself a little time. 

For a full tutorial on creating Wet Look Lashes, take a look at this blog post!

Top 3 Blog Posts

As London Lash Canada’s resident blogger, it does feel slightly self-indulgent to list the most read blog posts of the year and pat myself on the back about it, but the fact of the matter is that on the one hand, I only account for maybe ten blog post views per month out of the literal thousands, so this list wouldn’t even be possible if it weren’t for you, and on the other hand what better way to thank you for making this list possible than by way of writing a blog post about it?

4 Simple Lash Mapping Styles Every Lash Tech Needs to Know was posted in June, and has quickly become the most popular post on our Canadian blog, accounting for almost twice as many views as the next big hitter! 

4 lash maps arranged in polaroid frames

This post details how to map each of the four core lash mapping styles that you can use as a base shape for ANY trending lash mapping style. If you’re not too sure when to pick a Doll Eye Lash Map over a Cat Eye, and whether you can just opt for a one-shape-fits-all approach, it’s well worth a read!

The Complete Guide to Angel Lashes was the second most read post in 2023, which goes hand in hand with Angel Lashes taking the lash world by storm. You’ll know from the previous section that Angel Lashes were one of 2023’s most popular lash mapping styles, and you might have even read the blog post about it already, so if you’re looking for a similar light and wispy lash mapping style, take a look at this guide to a half set of lashes.

The Truth About Glue Fumes took us by surprise a little bit – not only was it one of only three blog posts in the top 10 that wasn’t about lash mapping styles, but it’s one of our oldest posts. For one reason or another, 2023 was the year that you wanted to get to the bottom of why some lash extension glues have stronger glues than others, and what that means for its performance, your clients, and your lash retention (good on you, by the way – those are all important to know!), so this post snagged a position in the top three!

Top 3 Products 

We’ve taken a little bit of creative liberty here as the top five products were all glues, so to keep things interesting, we’ve taken the top 3 products from different categories.

Power Bond was the top performing product overall, with more than 1,200 being snapped up by Lash Technicians all over Canada. Power Bond is a very rapidly curing lash extension glue, so might not actually be the best option for you as a Lash Tech. If you’re not sure which is the best lash extension glue for you, take a look at this blog post for a little profile on each of them.

lash extension glue in an airtight container

Mayfair Lashes in 0.03 were the most purchased of any of our lash extensions in 2023. Whether you’re creating full and fluffy mega volume lashes or you’re using these super fine lashes to create the wispiest Angel lash looks, you’ve stocked up on more than 400 trays of these lashes. Pretty impressive when you consider the enormous range of lash extensions we have on offer!

mega volume lash extensions

390 bottles of Superbonder were bought by Canadian Lash Techs in 2023. Considering you get around 187 treatments out of each bottle of Superbonder, that’s nearly 73,000 lash sets that were finished off with Superbonder, increasing retention times and making your clients’ post-lash set experience better than ever! If you’re not sure what Superbonder is, take a look at this blog post where we tell you everything you need to know!

So much happened in 2023 and we can’t believe the growth we saw in our little corner of the Lash World! We’re really excited to see what 2024 has in store for the Lash Industry, and for each of you and your career as a Lash Tech!