Your Clients Want These Lash Styles, So We’re Here to Help You Learn Them!

It can be really tricky to keep up with all of the different trends and lash mapping styles that are popping up all over social media all the time, so if you don’t know your Anime lashes from an Angel lash set, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’re going over four of the hottest trending lash mapping styles to help you stay on top of trends and keep your clients coming back time and again! 

Before we get started, if you’re brand new to lash mapping, it’s well worth checking out this post so that you can get to grips with the four basic styles. This post will teach you about trending styles, but those styles can – with the exception of one – be applied in any of the four basic shapes, which means that you can tailor any trending style to any client while still tailoring it to their unique face shape and bone structure! Doesn’t that sound like a win-win? 

Angel Lashes

Don’t we all love a set of wispy lashes? Our clients sure do! Angel lashes are one of the wispiest lash sets going. It’s a super light and gorgeous version of a Wet Set of lashes, which we’ll get to in a minute. 

To create an Angel Lash Set, you’ll want to begin by mapping out your chosen style – Angel looks really pretty in a Cat Eye or a Squirrel (also known as a kitten eye lash map), but there’s no reason at all that you couldn’t give your Doll Eye lash map loving babes this absolute dream of a set!

angel lashes

Once you’re all mapped out, take a microfiber brush and add a drop of Primer. Dab off the excess, and then run the brush along the tips of your volume lashes on the strip. This will help your lashes to stay together in closed fans, which is the key to an Angel Lash Set!

two GIFs side by side showing how to easily make spikes with volume lash extensions

To create your Angel Lashes, take 2D closed fans in 0.07 or even lovely light 0.05 lashes. If you wanted to turn this into a wispy hybrid lash set, you could mix in a few 0.10 classic lashes among your closed or very narrow 0.07 and/or 0.05 fans. 

With wispy lash extension sets – particularly those that are new on the scene – there are no hard and fast rules (as long as you’re applying lashes safely!), so why not play around and see what you love the most? 

For the full lowdown on Angel Lashes, check out this article.

Wispy Wet Look Lashes

A Wet Look Lash Set is an Angel Lash Set’s dramatic older sister. She’s the trailblazer, the head-turner, the rule breaker. 

Similar to Angel Lashes, a wet lash look is created using closed fans, so you’ll want to grab your Primer for this one too! Again, you’re likely to be using 0.07 volume lashes, though you can again use 0.05 lashes if your client has more sparse. Because a wet look is all about texture, you’re going to be using 3-5D fans to create your spikes. 


a close up of a set of wet look lashes on a grey and green eye.


- Play with layers! By changing the way you apply different lengths to the layers of the natural lashes, you'll get a lot of variety in the kinds of looks you create.

- When you apply Primer to the lashes, be sure not to apply too much, and only apply to the tips so that it doesn't affect your lash glue.

- Looking to add a fun twist? Add some colored lashes into your sets! Add blue to play on the wet look theme, or use a bold color like red to bring some more drama!

- Turn it into a wispy hybrid lash set by swapping out some of your closed fans for some flat lash extensions instead!

Like Angel Lashes, a wet look can be applied in any of the four basic shapes so you can tailor it to any client. That being said, there’s something particularly mesmerizing about wet look lashes when they’re applied following a cat eye lash map, with some M or L curl lashes in the outer corner…

If you’re keen to get to know wispy wet look lashes on a deeper level, have a look at this blog post next.

Half Lash Set

There are two things people mean when they ask for a half set of lashes:

  1. One lash is extended and one is missed all through the lash line – a bit like a hybrid lash set but instead of adding a volume fan on every other lash, you leave them unlashed, resulting in 50% coverage. 
  2. You start the lash set from the middle of the eye and only apply extensions to the outer section. 

For the purposes of this article, we’re going into detail about option 2. A half lash set is, by default, a very light and wispy variation on a cat eye lash map. Generally speaking, these look the nicest when you apply classic lashes, very light fans using finer lashes, or closed fans like you do in an Angel lash set.

While you can apply volume lash extensions, keep in mind that applying volume to only the outer half of the eyes will cause the eyes to look very far apart, and may not be flattering on the vast majority of clients.

A half set of lash extensions on a brown eye
This stunning this set is by @lashattraction!

When mapping, we recommend that you start with short and fine lashes so that they blend into the natural lashes as you add length and volume to them, if you’re going to be adding fans there. 

For an extra light and natural looking half lash set, try using brown lash extensions

Want to know more about half lash sets? Take a look at this post for the details!

Manga Lashes

We’re back with another look for the BOLD clients in your contact list! A set of Manga Lashes is designed to emulate the very spiky lashes drawn onto characters in Manga.

You can apply Manga Lashes in a couple of different ways depending on what exactly your client wants. For the most part, you’re going to want to start with some spikes placed at regular intervals through the lash line, and then you'll be filling in the gaps with either some light and fluffy volume fans. 

For a bold mega volume look, try adding in some easy fan lashes in between your spikes for a show stopping look  – again, just see what your client wants to get out of their lash set. 

manga lashes on a model by Canadian lash artist lash lavida
This set by Lash La Vida on Instagram well and truly stole our hearts!


Lastly, for a really stunning open eye lash look, try mapping your Manga lash extensions with a Doll Eye Lash Map. 

Want more details? Take a look at this blog post all about mapping and styling Manga Lashes. 

And that’s a wrap! For now anyway – new lash trends are popping up all the time, and if there’s one thing we love doing at London Lash HQ, it’s putting our heads together to figure out how to map the newest style that’s just caught our eye on social media. If there’s a second thing we love, it’s sharing those lash maps with you, so keep an eye on the blog for more lash mapping styles!