A Guide to Half Set Lash Mapping Style 

As you know by now, as a lash tech you have to stay on trend... and be a social media guru, content creator, admin queen, oh... and be good at lash extensions! It’s a lot, but we’re here to save you the stress and let you know exactly what’s hot right now. 

We present to you, half set lash extensions.

What Are Half Lashes?

We’re sure you’ve seen the new trend that has people cutting their false lashes in half, and sticking them on the outer corner to create a ‘fox eye’. So a half set of lashes is exactly that, but in lash extensions form! Dreams really do come true. 

Lots of people are moving away from full volume lashes, as everyone seems to prefer a more natural look. We’re so here for enhancing natural beauty! A half set will emphasise the outer corner of the eye, giving a beautiful cat eye or fox eye look whilst being effortlessly natural.

How To Create Half Set Lash Extensions

Half lashes are created by starting the application of lash extensions just before the middle point of the eye. You start with the short lengths here as you would with a full set, and gradually increase the length of the lashes as you move towards the outer corner. It’s super important to begin with short lengths at the midpoint to blend the lash extensions into the natural lashes, otherwise your client might get a few sideye’s. 

When it comes to half lash mapping, you’ll find that following a dolly or squirrel map will get the best results, as a cat eye mapping as a half set can look too severe. So, you’re completing your dolly/squirrel set as you would normally except you start further into the lash line - simple as that! You can try this lash map with volume lashes, classic lashes or even hybrid lashes. It's super versatile. 

Top tip: give this lash map a try with our Black Brown lash extensions for extra gorgeousness - you won't regret it!

half set lashes

Who Can Have Half Lashes?

Half lashes look great on the majority of your clients, as you’ll be following a squirrel style lash map. However with half lash extensions, it’s best to follow the cardinal rules of cat eye mapping. If you have a client with wide set eyes, for example, then it’s probably a good idea to advise against a half set, as it will accentuate this shape. 

They’re perfect for client’s who love the convenience of lash extensions, but potentially don’t like the heaviness of a full set. It’s also a gorgeous option for the customers who want the ultimate foxy eye - you won’t get more lifted than this!

We're obsessed with this set by @lashattraction!

half set lashes

How Long Does a Half Lash Set Take?

Whilst a half set of lashes may not cut your treatment time completely in half, it will definitely be a shorter appointment. As you will only be covering between 45% to 65% of the natural lashes, it will take less time than a full set would, so it's a great treatment option if you want to fit more clients into your day!

How Long Do Half Lashes Last?

In theory, half lashes will last the same of time that a full set of lashes will (as long as you’re following the perfect pretreatment routine of course!), but as you’re using significantly less lash extensions, it’s likely that your client will want an infill more regularly to maintain a level of fullness. 

We absolutely love the half lash trend, and we’re sure you do too. Add it to your treatment list and get lashing! Not only is it beautiful, but it can also save you time and money - it’s a win/win. Make sure to tag us in your creations!