Can Premade Lash Fans Be Used to Create Wispy Lash Extensions Sets?

Do you remember when Premade fans were frowned upon? Thankfully, those days are over. Premade fans have so many benefits including reducing appointment time, getting gorgeous results, and even making you more money! Premade fans are also a great option if you are only qualified in classic lash extensions, but want to offer a volume lash treatment. 

So… how did the premade lash revolution come about?

The Start of Russian Lashes

When Russian lashes first hit the lash industry, they were characterised by an even lash line, creating the most uniform look possible. As time went on, US lash techs started to develop a style called Hollywood Volume which focussed less on that perfect top line, and more on textured top lines as natural styles became more popular. 

The Development of Premade Lash Fans

Premade lash fans were originally heavy and clunky, meaning they weren’t safe for use and could cause stickies and damage to the natural lashes. However, as the lash industry evolved, so did Premade fans… phew! They are now super lightweight and safe to use on any client without the risk of damage. 

Many lash techs are resistant to using Premade fans, because they are so even that they don’t think it’s possible to create a more natural, wispy look. Whilst Premade lash fans are very uniform, they aren’t as restrictive as you’ve been made to believe! At London Lash we have a technique for everything…

premade lash fans


How to Create Wispy Lashes with Premade Lash Fans

So the trick to this is lashing in layers. You’re going to want the shortest lengths of your set on the bottom layer and increase the length as you go up toward the top layer. For example, 9mm on the bottom layer, 10mm on the middle layer, and 11mm on the top layer. The increments of the lash lengths will decide the wispiness of the finished look. So 8mm, 10mm and 12mm will look wispier than if you used 9mm, 10mm and 11mm - it completely depends on what you’re going for!

lash extensions in layers

Remember not to go too long on the top layer as you don’t want to weigh the natural lashes down.

Give it a try and see if you can create the perfect natural wispy lash extensions using this lash mapping. You might just fall in love with it! Make sure to post your Premade lash fan sets and tag us on Instagram!