Which Curls Are Most Common, and Which Do You Need to Try?

Let’s talk lash curls. There are multiple different lash curls, and let’s be honest, sometimes all the letters blend into one. So buckle in, we’re here with a Lash Curl Lowdown, talking you through different lash curls, when to use them as well as some tips and tricks. 

Different Lash Curls

The most common lash extension curls used are C curl, CC curl and D curl. If you are a beginner, these are the options we recommend starting with, then you can add more to your lash kit as you build a client base. There are seven main types of curl;

J curl: This is the very natural-looking curl. Its slight curve creates a very subtle lift. We love using this for clients who want a natural mascara look.

B Curl: This is a great choice for clients whose lashes to be noticeably more lifted, without looking false. It’s a slightly more noticeable curl than the J Curl, but is still a gentle option.

C Curl: This is the most popular curve. It gives a more glamorous look without being over the top and suits almost all eye shapes.

CC Curl:This curl is really similar to the C curl but every so slightly more curved. It gives an open eye look whilst remaining natural and can be used on the vast majority of your clients.

D Curl: One of the most dramatic curls you can use - it has a strong curl and has an eye opening effect. This is a great choice for clients who are going for glamour, or whose eyelashes grow downwards, as it will give them extra lift!

L Curl: This is a newer curl that has a unique shape. The lash starts flat and moves into a sharp curve. This creates a sharp, fluffy look and is the dream for a cat-eye set. It's especially effective for clients with downward growing lashes who want a lot of lift in their lash set!

M Curl: This is quite similar to the L curl but with a shorter base, which creates even more of a lift - a London Lash and a lash tech fave!

different eyelash extension curls

How to Pick Lash Curls

Picking a lash extension curl isn’t as simple as doing what you fancy on the day - we know… we wish it was too. Aside from the desired look, there are a few factors that you should consider when choosing between different lash curls.

The Natural Lash

Firstly, you need to look at the angle of the client’s lashes. If a client’s natural lashes are downturned, then you should choose a lash with a stronger curl in order to see a lift and open up the eyes. It’s also important to think about the natural curl of the lash, because if a client’s natural lashes already have a curl to them, then you’ll want to pick a lash extension that has an even deeper curl to be able to see an effect. 

Another thing to consider is that if your client has very straight lashes, and you pick an extremely curly lash, then you may run into retention problems. This is due to there not being enough surface area for the lash extension to bond to the natural lash - so maybe opt for a softer curl or an L or M curl. 

The Eye Shape

For clients with deep-set or hooded eyes, you’ll likely want to get a good lift to open the eye, without the lash extensions touching the eyelid or getting covered by the skin - we recommend L or M curl for these clients - it’s perfect!

For clients with round round eyes, you may find that a more subtle curl is more flattering as it neutralises the shape and makes sure your client doesn’t look permanently startled!

different eyelash extension curls

How to Mix Lash Curls

Struggling to pick one type of lash extension curl? We’ve got you. Why not mix curls? Mixing lash curls is a gorgeous way of creating unique lash sets. It’s a great way of adding extra lift in the outer corners, extra fluffiness throughout the set, or a completely uniform set (as the natural lashes won’t always all have the same curl).

Whilst the world is your oyster when it comes to mixing different lash curls, it’s always good to stick to sister curls such as C and D curl or M and L curl.

Check out this complete guide to mixing lash curls.

mixing curls in lash sets

Now you know everything you need to know about lash curls… what are you waiting for? Make sure to tag @london_lash_canada in the gorgeous lash sets you create!