A Guide to Creating the Perfect Set of Wispy Wet Look Lashes | How to Map and Style Wet Look Lashes

Have you ever looked in the mirror after crying and thought to yourself… my eyelashes look nice?! 

We are sure that by now, you’ve seen the wet-look lash trend and are desperate to give it a go. How could you not be?! It’s gorgeous!

Staying up to date with new looks and trends as a lash tech is HARD. There’s always something new! Luckily for you, at London Lash, we love jumping on new trends, and we’re here to help you do the same.

What Are Wet Look Lashes?

Listen, we were sceptical when we heard the name too… it seems a little odd that you’d want your brand new full set to look wet, but stick with us. Wet-look lashes are created by using very narrow fans, which gives you a spiky or wispy set whilst being dark and intense. The dewy look of the lashes will make your client look fresh-faced and bright. We’re obsessed

wet set lashes

How to Create Wet Look Lashes

It’s actually super easy to create a wet look. You follow the same technique you usually would when creating lash fans for volume lashes, but only fan a tiny amount (almost closed!), so that the opening is really narrow. This creates a taper and results in a beautifully intense finished look. To create a closed fan, you would typically use between 4D and 8D, depending on the thickness of the lash extension.

The wet-look technique is most effective when doing a ‘Kim K’ look, as it’s an amazing way of making those spikes pop whilst keeping a fluffiness throughout the set. 

Why not give this trend a go with our Black Brown Mayfair lashes to create the most perfect natural wispy lash extensions with a little bit of added wet-look drama?

wet look lashes with brown lash extensions


Who Are Wet Look Lashes Suitable For?

Wet-look lashes can be a beautiful choice for pretty much anyone that loves a striking look. However, to complete a wet-look set, the client's natural lashes must be healthy. As we mentioned, to create a wet lash look, you would be using between 4 and 8 lash extensions per lash fan, so it’s crucial that the customer's lashes are strong enough to hold this without any risk of damage. The general rule is, if your client's natural lashes wouldn't be able to take full volume or mega volume lash extensions, then it’s best to choose a different lash technique.

We also don’t recommend creating wet-look lashes on a client who has a sparse lash line, as it can often make gaps in the natural lashes look more obvious, as narrow lash fans will give less coverage than wide lash fans.

So, it’s best to avoid this technique if your client doesn’t have medium to full lashes naturally, unless your client is set on having a wet set. If this is the case, be sure to explain the potential finished look before you start the treatment. Remember: communication and expectation management is the key to client satisfaction!

Secret tip: After curing the lash glue with Superbonder at the end of treatment, brush the tips of your closed fans with primer. This will take your spikes to the next level for your Instagram pics! 

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