One Little Product, LOADS of Game-Changing Uses! 

Eyelid tape is a simple product, but it packs a punch. It’s an absolute staple in our London Lash trainers’ lash kit, and we can see why. It has so many uses, all of which are intended to make your life as a lash technician, 10x easier. So… why is eyelid tape so useful?

Mature Eyes

Some clients will be naturally harder to lash, and you’ve probably discovered by now that mature clients fall into this category. As your clients' age, they will produce less collagen and elastin, meaning the skin on their eyelids becomes looser. Whilst this is a completely normal process, it can make applying eyelash extensions more difficult due to the skin hiding the root of the natural lashes. 

Eyelid tape is the perfect solution for ageing eyes. All you need to do is apply one end of the tape to the eyelid, then pull up gently and attach the opposite end to just above the eyebrow. This will stretch the skin taught and expose the lash line, making your lash application smooth sailing!

eyelid tape

Preventing Chemical Burn

Chemical burn is a lash tech nightmare, that unfortunately, you may deal with regularly. It is extremely common and is due to the eyes not being fully closed throughout the treatment. If you to work out whether your client has a chemical burn or an allergy to the lash glue. Check out this article to help you troubleshoot the problem.

If you’ve realised that your client has red eyes after lash extensions due to their eye’s being slightly open, try attaching one end of the eyelid tape to the eyelid, and one end to the eye patch. This extra tension will more than likely keep their eyes closed, meaning when they wake up from their lash nap, there will be no red, irritated eyes in sight.

Inner Corner Lashes

Often, inner corner lashes are tricky to lash. This can either be because the inner corner lashes grow very straight/downwards, or the eyelid covers them slightly as they are tucked right into the corner of the eye. 

The last thing you want is to finish your set and see that the lash extensions don’t go across the whole of the eye! So, give this a try; when you’re ready to apply lash extensions to the inner corner, stick one end of the eyelid tape in the middle of the eyelid, and pull the other end of the tape towards the outer corner, and stick it down. This little hack will expose all of those tiny lashes, making sure you get the best finished look possible.

This little trick will come in particularly handy if you are doing volume lash extensions, or mega volume lashes, as you will probably be aiming for 90-100% coverage of the natural lashes, so it’s really important that you get them all.

Downward Growing Lashes

Downward growing lashes are arguably the hardest lashes to apply eyelash extensions to. Many lash techs report a sense of doom when their client lies down, and they realise their lashes grow downwards. However, if you have the London Lash eyelid tape in your lash kit, you will never need to panic again.

The reason this lash type is so problematic for lash extension application, is because the angle of the lashes makes it super easy to accidentally stick the lashes to the eyepatch. By using the eyelid tape in the same way you would for mature lashes (one end sticks to the eyelid and one end just above the eyebrow), you will left the natural lashes off of the eye patch, making sure no lashes get stuck.



We know lash appointments can be daunting, especially if you are faced with an unexpected problem, but eyelid tape may be the perfect solution! 

Send us a DM on Instagram if you need any more help with using your eyelid tape, or if you have any other eyelid tape hacks that may help your fellow lash technicians!