Eyelid tape


Problem 1: your client's lashes grow downwards and are hard to lash without them sticking to the eyepatch! 

Problem 2: your client has LOADS of lashes in the inner corners and they’re really hard to isolate and lash

Problem 3: Your client struggles to keep their eyes fully closed during their appointment, often resulting in chemical burns!

The solution to all of your problems? London Lash Eyelid Tape!

These super thin, extra sticky strips of pre-cut tape will be a game changer in your lash appointments! Not only can you make accessing those trickier lashes much easier, you don’t even have to spend extra time cutting your surgical tape to the right size! 


  • Take your isolation tweezers and, with the tip, gently lift the end of the eyelid tape off of the plastic backing
  • Without touching the tape with your fingers, stick one end of the tape to the area of the eyelid that you would like to move, secure with your fingertip or with your second pair of tweezers and gently pull the eyelid across/upwards.
  • Secure the other end of the tape, holding the eyelid in the desired place
  • When you are done, gently take the end of the tape again with your tweezers and gently lift from the skin.

PLEASE NOTE: while these strips are super sticky, they will lose their stickiness if they come into contact with the skin prior to being stuck down. To ensure optimal performance, please ensure that you:

  • Do not touch the tape prior to placing on your client’s eyelid
  • Do not stick, pick up and re-stick the tape on your client as this will reduce the effectiveness of the tape
  • Ensure that your client’s eyelids are completely clean and free from makeup residue and oils
  • Ensure that your client’s skin is completely dry following the pretreatment routine.


  • Pre-cut, flexible tape strips
  • Each pack contains 360 strips 
  • Adhesive is added by machine for consistency, meaning the ideal amount of adhesive is applied to each strip
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin despite its strong hold
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

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These are not regular eyelid tape strips!

I thought these were eyelid tape strips that would help with droopy eyelids but they are a different product. The description does give different instructions but they looked like eyelid tape! My fault. Just in case anyone else was hoping for eyelid tape!

Hi Catherine,

Thank you for your review

We do stock micropore/foam/surgical tape too Please see the link below;


Kind regards,