What is Lash Sealant? Everything You Need to Know About London Lash Superbonder

We launched Superbonder back in 2018 and were taken a little by surprise when it almost instantly became a must-have product in so many Lash Technicians' kits! Due to it being one of our most popular products ever, we get a lot of questions about Superbonder. Just to bring you up to speed, we've put together everything you need to know about Superbonder, including the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about our super popular lash sealant.


What is Superbonder? 

Superbonder is a lash sealant that you use at the end of your eyelash extensions treatments. It instantly cures your lash glue meaning that your client won’t have to wait the otherwise customary 24 hours before getting their lash extensions wet, but will be able to swim, shower and even cry to their heart’s content pretty much right after treatment. 


How Do You Use Superbonder?

When you’ve finished applying your lash extensions and you’ve checked for stickies, give your client’s lashes a little fan with a Mini Cooli (this isn’t exactly a requirement, but it does feel good!) and then apply a little drop of Superbonder to a microbrush. Dab off the excess and then apply the Superbonder to the glue bonds. 

The glue will be cured instantly but instead of being made brittle due to the addition of liquid, it will be kept flexible.

Lash Extensions Glue Sealant – London Lash Superbonder | London Lash Canada

What's So Bad About Brittle Lash Glue?

Brittle glue bonds aren’t going to last you very long. The reason for that is that as the natural lashes and extensions move, the glue bond won’t want to move with them and can crack or crumble, taking the extension with it. Glue that has dried too fast can also become shock polymerized.

Shock polymerization happens when your lash extensions glue comes into contact with water while it’s still wet – you might notice this more if your client’s eyes water during their appointment. Shock polymerization leaves a white residue on your glue, so not only does it not look nice, but it also tells you that your glue is brittle. 


Can You Use Superbonder in a Nanomister?

Definitely not! We can understand the temptation, and while it might seem like a lash hack it’s actually pretty dangerous. You’d typically put water in a nanomister and then give the lashes a light dusting with the vapour at the end of the treatment. It does a similar job to Superbonder, but because it’s water vapour it does make the glue a little more brittle than Superbonder does. 

Coming back to Superbonder in a nanomister, the answer is a loud and resounding ‘NO’ – Superbonder is absolutely safe to use on the lashes, ie. the purpose it was created and tested for. It wasn’t even designed to be used on the skin, and while it’s not likely to cause a reaction, if it does you could find yourself in big trouble for using a product in a way other than for its intended purpose.

A photo of Superbonder being applied to a completed set of eyelash extensions | London Lash Canada

Could You Use Superbonder Alongside a Nanomister?

You could, but there’s no need at all. Superbonder does exactly what you need it to, and without sounding too biased, does a better job than a nanomister because it keeps the bond flexible. 


What Else is Great About Superbonder?

By curing the lash extensions glue before your client leaves the salon, you’re locking in any glue fumes. By doing so, not only are you minimizing the risk of chemical burns, but you’re significantly reducing the chance that your client will experience an allergic reaction to the lash extensions glue. Note here that we say ‘reducing the chance’ and not ‘ruling out the possibility’ – we can never guarantee that it will completely prevent a reaction, but by curing the glue, the fumes aren’t able to hang around for as long.

As we touched on earlier, by curing the glue straight away you’re allowing your client to get back to reality much sooner after treatment than if you didn’t cure the glue. This is going to be music to the ears of those clients who love to swim and shower in the evenings (and for anyone who loves a tear-jerker movie night) but it’s also going to be hugely beneficial if you’re lashing near vacation spots, or if the humidity outside your lash studio is very high as it means that you know your clients lashes will stay where you put them when they leave your studio! 


That’s it! Superbonder might seem like just another lash product, but I think we can all agree that there’s a little more to this particular product than meets the eye! Want to know more about our other liquids? Check out this post next!