How to Choose the Best Eyelash Extensions Tweezers For You

Picking the right eyelash tweezers for extensions is very much a personal choice, there are so many types of lash extension tweezers for this reason. But it is always best to have an informed decision and understand the uses of each type of tweezer.

large magnetic tweezer case for lash tweezers. the case is open showing five pair of lash tweezers inside


Tweezers for Isolation and Classic Lashes

Isolation tweezers are somewhat interchangeable with picking up classic eyelash extensions. Sometimes it comes down to the tweezers you are most used to using. We have seen techs use straight tweezers to isolate eyelashes, the angle may be all wrong but for those techs who have used straight tweezers since their training, it's all they know. The angle on a curved or angled isolation tweezer will make your wrists happier in the long run as it will keep you in a more neutral position. 

When picking up classic lashes, you have a wide range of options, straight, curved or angled tweezers. But a great little tip is to have a pair of Multifunctional Tweezers ready. These tweezers will make your lashing much easier as they can pick up classic eyelash extensions, Russian Volume fans up to 3D and they're all round great for working around isolation with them too.

Tweezers for Volume Lashes

Great, you've found your favorite isolation tweezers - for classic lashes - but now you need something to pick up volume eyelash extensions.

While multifunctional tweezers are great for a multitude of jobs, you have two main options of tweezers for Russian Volume, these are Regular Volume Tweezers and Fine Tipped Volume Tweezers.

a pair of regular tip volume tweezers for lash extensions in gold

Our London Lash tweezers are specifically crafted for Volume Eyelash techniques in mind. Their purpose is to create and pick up a volume fan with ease. These tweezers are sturdy and their grip is great so you don't drop or lose a fan when picking it up from a strip.

P.S. - They're hand tested and approved for use by in-house by our Award winning Eyelash Extension Techs.

Can You Use Curved Tweezers to Create Volume Fans? 

In theory, you can. There's nothing to stop you from using any eyelash tweezers for any task, but Curved Tweezers are designed for specific jobs, so don't be surprised if they're not as sturdy when crafting Volume fans. Curved tweezers are mainly used to hold apart the natural lashes or to pick up on Classic eyelash extension at a time. Their grip may not be strong enough to hole Volume, so you may drop or even lose a fan when using Curved tweezers.

Are My Tweezers Ruined if I Get Glue on the Tips?

Do not fret. Your tweezers are fine. London Lash tweezers are made from medical grade stainless steel so you can clean them super easy with our Glue Remover for Tweezers. The glue remover is designed specifically for this job and the sponge balls inside it help with removing any glue residue from your tweezers.