How to Find the Best Lash Extensions Glue for You Based on Three Factors

Finding the best lash adhesive for you may seem daunting. The generic options on the market don't always answer your questions, "What glue to use for individual lashes?" or "Why isn't my lash glue sticking?" the perfect glue for you should answer all your questions and save you from any retention troubles.

The best lash extension glue doesn't always come from a friend's recommendation or by the luck of the draw when you purchase a glue on the market. There are some things you should know before you make your choice. The London Lash glue selection is vast for your benefit and ease. 

Before you begin, you will at least need to check your:



Placement Speed (how quickly you place and extension on the natural lash after dipping into the glue)

Knowing these things saves you time, and money by purchasing the correct glue for you. Each lash glue has the same job, but getting there is a little different. The preferences of each glue is what makes picking the best one a little tricky.

Humidity & Lash Glue:

A hygrometer in your work space will check the humidity accurately. You lash glue will dry faster in HIGH humidity. If a glue dries faster than advertised on the bottle it can cause retention issues as it will begin drying before you've placed the lash extension on the natural lash. This will not form a strong bond between the lash glue and the natural lash.

On the other hand, if your humidity is LOW, you may get different issues. Your eyelash glue will dry slower. You may find yourself holding the extension in place for longer as you wait for the glue to dry. The lashes may lean to the side after you've placed them, which might lead to a 'stickie' situation, literally! Stickies are when the eyelash extensions stick together as the glue has not fully dried.

How is Lash Glue Impacted by Temperature?

Temperature isn't quite as impactful as humidity. In short, the HIGHER the temperature and you will find your glue drying faster. If the temperature is LOWER, then the glue will dry much slower. Both high and low temperatures can cause your glue to act in unusual ways, so be on alert if your glue looks a different consistency than usual.  

Lash Extension Placement Speed

This is all up to the individual eyelash technician. You may find throughout your career you place extensions much quicker. For those who are experienced, using Royal Bond lash glue is ideal, it has a 0.5 - 1 second drying time. While for those still building up their craft, Satin Bond has a 2 second drying time which may be more suited. Timing is all relative to your skill level, but knowing the conditions you're working in will vastly help you picking the correct glue. This is why we have created the perfect Glue Chart for you to understand and pick the best lash extension glue London Lash has to offer.

London Lash Glue Chart for Eyelash Extension Adhesives
  • Using Prep Duo Pretreatment before the eyelash extensions treatment will clean the lashes and prime them ready for the glue to adhere on a clean surface.

  • If you're still unsure of which lash glue is for you why not opt for a sample sized bottle from our Sample range. It is less commitment and you will experience the benefits of each product, finding the best one for you.