Volume, Classic, Shiny, Matte; Colored, Black Brown, Premade, Flat: A Guide to All of London Lash's Lash Extensions!

If the number of eyelash extensions we have on offer makes your head spin, don’t worry! We’re here to explain the differences between each type of eyelash extension and to answer all of the most common questions we get about our lashes, and eyelash extensions in general so that when you’re done reading this post, you know (almost) as much as we do about London Lash Canada’s Eyelash Extensions collections! 

Chelsea Silk Lash Extensions

Starting off with the first lash collection we ever launched back in 2013 (that’s before we were even called London Lash!) – Chelsea are our ‘silk’ variety of lashes. We’ll go into a bit more detail in the FAQ section of this article, but the term ‘silk’ is purely descriptive, as all of our lash extensions are vegan friendly and hypoallergenic. 

Chelsea Lashes are available in lengths from 4 mm up to 14 mm, and a range of thicknesses and curls, so a few boxes will cover you for a lot of different looks, pleasing any of your clients whether they come to you for classic eyelash extensions, hybrid lashes or a set of volume lashes. 

Owing to their semi-matte finish, Chelsea lashes are often favoured by lash technicians and clients who prefer a more natural set of eyelash extensions.

a close up photo of 3 strips of London Lash Chelsea eyelash extensions on a lash palette. To the side is a pair of tweezers | London Lash Canada


Mayfair Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

We added our Mayfair line to our collection of eyelash extensions back in 2017, and they immediately became a favourite of lash technicians all over the world, thanks to their deep black, shiny finish. While you can use any fanning technique you like to create hand made volume fans with Mayfair lashes, the wider strip and the slightly less sticky surface made them the go-to for lash technicians who would opt for a rainbow or lonely fan technique. 

Mayfair lashes are available inthicknesses suited for classic eyelash extensions and for volume and mega volume lash sets (which means that you can also create any hybrid lash extensions set that you can imagine), but are available in lengths from 7 mm up to 17mm and the widest range of curls of any of our collections, including our highly sought after M curl lashes.

If black lashes aren’t your thing, our Mayfair collection also includes a range of deep Americano tone black brown eyelash extensions. Brown lashes are really great to have on hand for your more mature clients, or those who have very light complexions as they don’t have as stark a difference as a full set of black lashes, so are very flattering. 

On the other hand, if you’d like to add a little bit of spice to your lash sets, we have 20 different variants of coloured eyelash extensions that you can wow your clients with.

spiky colored lash extensions

Matt Flat Lashes

You might know Flat Lashes as Cashmere Lashes or Ellipse Lashes. As the name of our collection would suggest, our flat lashes have a matt finish. They also have split tips, which means that eventhe thickest flat lashes look light and fluffy, and are super soft to the touch. 

Flat lash extensions are made by fusing two much finer eyelash extensions together which is what results in them having that split in the tip. 

Due to their unusual shape, matt flat lashes cannot be fanned and can there for only be used in classic eyelash extensions sets, but as they only weigh around half as much as a regular classic lash extension in the same thickness, they can be used on clients with very fine, weak natural lashes who would otherwise not be able to have such a dark look. 

Easy Fanning Lashes

If you were starting to think we didn’t have quite as many types of eyelash extensions as you thought, you might want to take a seat. We actually have two different types of easy fanning eyelash extensions. If that sounds excessive, allow us to explain… 

Camellia Lashes

Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes have have a mixture of two lengths on each strip of lashes which have a difference of 2 mm between them (for example, 10 mm and 12 mm) which is how they are able to give your completed set of volume eyelash extensions such a wispy, textured look. They’re also a little more matte than our standard easy fanning lashes. 

a gif of a volume lash fan made from Camellia Easy Fanning Lashes being taken off the strip. it shows the differences in the two lengths which are mixed on each strip | London Lash Canada

Easy Fan Lashes

Our easy fan volume lashes have a mixture of three lengths on each strip (for example, 8,9 & 10 mm) which gives a really textured lash line and lots of density through the set. 

Easy fan lashes, as the name would suggest, fan easily. They are able to do this as they have multiple layers on each strip, which means that as you grip them with your volume lash tweezers, they pop open into fans. By nature, fans made with easy fanning lashes tend to be quite narrow but if you want a wider fan, all you have to do is place the fan back on the strip and give them a little wiggle. 

One last thing to note about Easy Fanning Lashes is that you cannot useBooster on them like you might with other volume lashes for the simple reason that they have a little bit of glue on their bases to keep each of the layers of lashes in place.

Premade Lash Fans

Our Premade Lash Fans were only launched in April 2022, so are some of the newest lashes to be added to the collection. They are made from the same fiber as our beloved Mayfair collection and are available in C, CC, and D curls. Owing to their popularity, our 3D premade lash fans are available in trays of 1000, while our 4D, 5D and 6D trays are all available in trays of 600. 

If you’ve been in the lash industry for a long time, you might remember Premade Fans being very heavy and closer to cluster lashes than any handmade volume fan. Thanks to all of the developments in the industry and lash technicians (and clients) being much better informed, premade fans are now just as healthy for your clients as the fans that you would create yourself (as long as they’re applied correctly, of course!)

a gif of premade volume fans. It shows a fan being picked up by the base and put back down, to show lash technicians how to best use their premade volume fans. The fan is a 4D fan and is show to be lightweight with a very slim base | London Lash Canada


Premade Spikes

Another way to save some time while helping you to create those spiky, wispy lash sets your clients love so much! Premade spikes are—like premade volume fans—made from the Mayfair Faux Mink fiber that Lash Technicians all over the world adore. To put it simply, they're 5D fans that haven't been fanned to create a spike, and they have a tiny amount of lash glue on the tips to keep their points perfect between lash sets and lash fills!

Premade lash spikes are really great to use in lash mapping styles like Kim K lashes or Manga Lashes.


Eyelash Extensions FAQs

What are Eyelash Extensions made out of? 

Every type of eyelash extension that you find on the London Lash store is made from a synthetic fiber calledPBT, which is a type of plastic which is typically used in wiring. It’s flexible, durable, and hypoallergenic which makes it ideal for eyelash extensions as it will hold its curl andwon’t cause any irritation to our clients’ eyes.

Are Eyelash Extensions Vegan?

Ours are! As they are all made from PBT they are all completely vegan friendly, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. 

Why Are They Called Silk, Mink or Cashmere if they’re not made from those?

In the early days of eyelash extensions, it was quite common for lashes to be made from fibers such as these. Due to a huge shift in consumer desires with regards to animal rights and vegan friendly products this dwindled before ultimately ceasing to be a practice really at all. Now, these names seek only to differentiate between multiple collections of lash extensions from one another – in our case Mayfair (mink) = shiny, Chelsea (silk) = semi-matte and Cashmere = Matte Flat.

Why Did My Eyelash Extensions Lose Their Curl?

While PBT is very sturdy and keeps its shape, there can be two reasons that it may lose its curl. The first reason is age – this isn’t going to affect clients between appointments so you can use the same curls at their lash fill appointment as you did during their first set, but if you bought some lashes 3 years ago then they are highly likely to have lost their curl a little bit. 

The second reason is extreme heat. When we say that PBT can hold its shape when exposed to heat, we mean shower water or being out in the sun. If your clients are frequently exposing their lashes to heat from saunas or steam rooms, or if they are putting their face very close to oven doors as they open them a lot they are likely to see some loss of curl.

DID YOU KNOW? There are two more things that you need to pass on to your clients with regards to extreme heat and their eyelash extensions. The first is that eyelash extensions can become singed at the ends – usually you will see this only if you look very closely, and it is more often than not due to your clients smoking between appointments. Worst case scenario, the lashes can completely melt! With saunas, just let your clients know that the heat in them can soften the glue which can lead to them getting chemical burns in their eyes, even if their lashes are otherwise long-cured. 

A photo showing a set of volume eyelash extensions with pale blue spikes. On the very tips of the lashes, there is some singing due to the model having lit cigarettes between the set being applied and the videos being taken. This was shot using a macro lens which is designed to take very close up images, the singed lash tips weren't very visible to the naked eye | London Lash Canada


That’s everything! If you’re tempted by more than one type of our eyelash extensions, we offer both Chelsea and Mayfair eyelash extensions samples so you can try them before you really commit, or if you want to get a wider range of lengths to really test-drive them, opt for a mixed length tray in your favourite curl.