One Product, Two Uses: How Do You Use Booster for Better Lash Retention?

Booster was added to the London Lash Pre-Treatment collection back in 2018, and quickly became a lash technician lash kit essential! Did you know that more than 500 bottles of Booster are purchased every month? Did you also know that there are two ways that you can use Booster? Here's what makes it great...

Use Booster to Improve Eyelash Extension Retention

The first way – and probably the main way– that Booster is used is by applying it to the natural lashes as the final stage of the Pre-Treatment routine. Booster has a slightly alkaline pH which means that it causes the hair cuticles of the lashes to gently open up, which makes the hairs more rough and gives the glue more surface area to bond with.

Booster is applied in the same way as your Lash Cleanser and Lash Primer – take a cleansing brush and apply it to the glue zone of the lashes, avoiding the tips of the lashes and the client's skin.

Booster is particularly effective for those clients who have very smooth and shiny hairs, or who have very oily skin as it just gives the glue that much more to grip onto. Think of Booster like the extra grip on a pair of hiking boots!

london lash booster


Bear This In Mind...

While Booster will help to improve your retention, it will also speed up the drying time of your glue. If you isolate, dip and place with no issues then you'll no trouble with Booster! However, if you're only just getting to grips with lash extensions placement then it might be a good idea to wait a while before you add Booster to your basket. 

If your glue drying time is sped up, there's a chance that Booster might cause the glue to begin curing before it has formed a strong bond between the extension and the natural lashes. When the time comes that you feel like your glue could do with being a little faster, look into Booster first! 

lash booster being used on the lashes

Using Booster to Prevent Volume Fans from Closing

If you're only using classic eyelash extensions or Premade Volume Fans at the moment, this this section won't be of much interest to you, but you might as well stick around so that you're prepared for the future!

It's quite common – especially for those just starting out with Volume Eyelash Extensions – for volume fans to close when you let go of them. The main reason for this is that the lash technician is simply dipping the fan leg too far into the lash extensions glue, but what can happen is that the glue travels up the leg of the fan on its own.

Before you start making fans, take a microbrush and add some Booster, dabbing off the excess just like you would when using it for Pre Treatment on the lashes. Run the microbrush along the strip of volume eyelash extensions and let it dry for a minute or so to ensure you don't end up with shock polymerization on the fan.

A gif of Booster being applied to a strip of volume eyelash extensions

Just like magic, no more closing fans! (Unless you're dipping too far, there's only so much magic Booster can do)

Keep This in Mind...

You already know that Booster isn't necessary on classic lashes or on premade fans, but one last thing to keep in mind is that Booster cannot be used on easy fanning volume lashes. Easy Fanning Lashes have more than one layer of lashes on each strip which are held together with a small amount of glue. If Booster is applied to these, it melts the glue and renders the lashes unusable. The good news is that easy fanning lashes won't close on you, thanks to those layered strips.