Wispy With A Chance of Rainbows: Our 2024 Lash Trends Forecast

We recently put together our roundup of everything that you loved the most in 2023, and it got us wondering what 2024 might look like. Based on last year’s most popular lash mapping styles, emerging trends that we’re seeing on socials, and our own gut feeling, we’ve put together five predictions of things we’re going to see taking the lash world by storm in 2024.

Hybrid Lashes

They’re nothing new, but Hybrid Lashes are so versatile that they can appeal to absolutely every client who comes to you for lashes. 

We’ve gone over some different types of Hybrid Lash Looks in this blog post if you’d like a more thorough overview, but it’s worth noting that Hybrid Lashes can be very light and wispy, can be an even 50/50 split between Classic and Volume Lashes, or can be super dense and bold, depending on what kind of look your client is looking for.

a set of natural hybrid lash extensions

For a few years now, mega volume lashes were THE look to ask for, but with the rise in popularity of the ‘clean girl aesthetic’, more natural lash extensions looks have seen a huge resurgence. Hybrid Lashes bridge that gap perfectly between the modest and the mighty, so it stands to reason that they’re well and truly back on the radars of Lash Techs and clients alike!

Brown Lashes 

In a similar vein to our last point, clients opting for lighter and more natural lash sets may come to you looking for brown lash extensions. 

Brown lashes are the most complementary on clients with very pale complexions, redheads, and more mature clients, but they look very light and natural on everyone. Even mega volume sets created with brown lashes have a softer finish than your standard black lash extensions, which can look a little bit harsh on some clients.

wet set lashes with brown lash extensions

For a closer look at what makes brown lash extensions such a good choice,check out this article next.

Lash Lifts

Lash Lifts will become even more popular than they already are, with more people wanting a clean and natural look. 

If you don’t offer lash lifts or if you’re looking for an alternative to offer clients with short and/or sparse lashes, you can offer them very natural lash extensions sets instead – brown lashes are a great choice here as well. For those with sparse lashes, choose a light hybrid lash set, which has mostly classics and uses 2D fans simply to fill in any gaps in the lash line. 

nude look male lashes

Remember too that lash extensions don’t have to be longer than the client’s natural lashes – you can choose lashes that are shorter than their natural lashes and which are of a very similar thickness as well. This is known as a Nude Look (which you can see in the photo above) and simply enhances the eyes, giving them a little je ne sais quoi without even being obvious up close that lashes have been applied.

Colored Lashes

In spite of all of the above being true (we think), we’re feeling a rise in the popularity of colored lashes. We started to see them crop up more in the latter half of 2023, and we believe that the love for them will continue to grow in 2024.

Colored lash extensions are something that have always excited us – back in 2017, we launched our collection of colored lashes, which features twenty different colors in mixed length lashes, in our much loved Mayfair faux mink lash extensions range. Prior to that, we may have only had four colors available, but colored lashes have always featured in the London Lash collection.

colored lash extensions

While we might be pretty far away from the coziness of the fall by now, this blog post will give you some insight into incorporating colored lash extensions into your lash sets in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

Lash Prep

It’s not exactly a trending style, but we think that there’s about to be a huge rise in clients looking for a Lash Tech who really goes to town on Lash Prep, as well as an increase in Lash Techs looking to set themselves apart from others in their field by focusing on the client satisfaction aspect of good and thorough Lash Prep. 

lash extensions prep routine

Now might be a good time to brush up on your Lash Prep knowledge to see if you could be a little more thorough – take a look at this blog post if you’d like a rundown of each of our Lash Prep products, and which of them you ACTUALLY need to keep your clients’ lashes healthy, happy, and lasting for longer than ever!

Okay, we’ll put away the crystal ball for now! It seems that every day, the lash world throws some new lash mapping style or innovation that blows us out of the water, and we can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for all of us! We’ll come back to this post at the end of the year to see what we were right about, and if we maybe need to brush up on our divination skills for the next year! Whatever this year brings, we hope that it’s full of love, happiness, and success for you – whatever that may look like.