How to Create A Softer Lash Look Without Holding Back on Coverage

Brown eyelash extensions have taken the lash world by storm and we can see why. This might just be our new favourite beauty trend. Many people have transitioned to more natural looks, and lash extensions have not been left behind.

Brown lashes or black-brown lashes are just that… lash extensions with a natural, dark brown tone that replicates the colour of a natural lash. They are an ideal option for clients that find black lash extensions too dark and heavy, or simply people who just fancy a softer look.

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Whether you are doing classic lashes or mega volume lashes, brown eyelash extensions are a beautiful way of creating a full, fluffy look that doesn’t overpower any facial features.

So… who should be jumping on the brown lash trend?

brown eyelash extensions

Who Are Brown Lash Extensions Good For?

At London Lash, we think brown lashes truly are for everyone. However, there are some clients in particular that this gorgeous new look will be perfect for:

Fair-complexion Clients

Whilst we want everyone to look at our lashes, we don’t want it to be the only thing that someone sees when they look at us. Often on people with pale skin, standard black eyelash extensions look too drastic against their skin tone, particularly when doing a Russian volume set, so this is where brown lashes come to save the day.

Blonde/Redhead Clients

With blonde or red-headed clients, you will often find that black lashes are too harsh a contrast to their natural hair colour. Whilst some people love a dramatic look, most like their lash extensions to be an enhancement of their natural beauty, so brown eyelashes are the best candidate for these clients.

Mature Clients

It’s quite rare that you will have a mature client wanting a thick mega-volume set, and usually, it’s because it just looks too intense and they prefer a softer look… so what’s the solution? You guessed it! Brown lashes. You may also notice that older clients have sparser lashes, and using black lashes can often make the sparse areas more obvious - which is the opposite of what we want! 

Small/Close-set Eyes

Again, clients with small or close-set eyes can really benefit from opting for brown eyelash extensions. Many people with these eye shapes are put off by lash extensions due to believing that they ‘just don’t suit them’ as they look too heavy and accentuate their small or close-set eyes, which is usually the opposite effect to what they want. Tell them to give brown lashes a chance as it may just rock their world!

wet set lashes with brown lash extensions

What are the Different Ways to Use Brown Lashes?

Like any lash look, it’s about getting creative with it. There are a few different brown lash extension techniques that you can use to achieve your dream set!

All one shade of brown lashes -Using all one shade of brown lashes will create the softest, fluffiest look of them all. This is the best option for clients that ask for the very natural eyelash extensions. 

Mix different shades of brown lashes- Mixing different shades of brown lashes can create depth and richness in a lash look. This is also a good option when trying to match the colour of the set to a certain skin tone.

Mix black and brown lashes- This is probably the most popular technique, as some people find that using all brown lashes can look too warm. Mixing black and brown lashes creates the perfect balance between subtle and full.

Top Tip: You can use brown lashes on the inner corners and gradually move into black lashes towards the outer corners to create the illusion of a more elongated eye shape.

We’re sure by now that you’re as obsessed with brown eyelash extensions as we are, so why not run a promotion for discount on brown lash sets? Get some new content and get your clients hooked! Don’t forget to tag us in your pics!