Mega Volume Black Brown Mayfair Lashes 0.05



London Lash Black Brown lashes are the perfect addition to your lash collection - they are the best choice for clients with very light-blonde hair, for red-haired clients, for our older clients, or those looking for a very natural ‘barely there’ look

Black Brown lashes are made from a gorgeous, warm Americano coloured synthetic fibre, so are not only beautiful, but are vegan friendly, and hypoallergenic too!

London Lash Black Brown lashes in 0.05 are very lightweight and super fine lashes suitable for multiple Russian Volume fanning techniques. With 0.05 lashes you can create mega volume fans of up to 15D, allowing you to give your clients the dramatic lash set they crave, whilst keeping their natural lashes safe and happy!

Product details

  • Americano coloured Black Brown Mayfair faux mink lash extensions
  • Great for very light-haired clients, more mature clients, and more natural looks
  • Made of extra soft synthetic fibre
  • Ideal for creating beautiful dramatic mega volume lash sets
  • Available in C, CC, D, M and L curls
  • Available in mixed length trays

How to use

  1. Cleanse natural lashes and eye area with Lash Shampoo and Protein Pads.
  2. Apply eyepatches to secure the bottom lashes, fix with tape if necessary.
  3. For any stray lashes, use surgical tape to stick them down and secure them in place.
  4. Pull the eyelids gently up to double check all bottom lashes are hidden and make sure your client is comfortable.
  5. Continue with your pre-treatment by applying Pre-treatment Lash Cleanser, followed by Primer and Booster.
  6. Take out strips of lashes from the box, stick them to your lash palette and prepare your jade stone by applying a lash glue sticker on top of it.

Shake your glue by using a glue shaker, grab your favourite pair of tweezers from your tweezer case and you’re ready to begin a beautiful set of lashes!

The Vegan Society
Certified by The Vegan Society
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
M McTaggart
Probably the worst lashes ive worked with

The .05 and .03 are not similar at all. The .05 lashes fan so bad because glue from the strip always seems to be on the lashes. 200$ in brown lashes i cant even use. They also have that plastic like shine. I hate leaving such a bad review. Ive also put off reviewing for about 8months ive been trying to love these lashes...and it wont work. And im not paying extra for .03s because youve got garbage .05s

Hi Lovely,

Thank you for your review!

We are sorry to hear that, this doesn't sound right at all

Unfortunately, we havent been able to locate any previous contact regarding your order, therefore, our customer care team is going to reach out via email so we can resolve this together

Lots of Love,

Great color, not easy to fan

I loved the .03 lashes. However due to price(40,$)at the time i restocked with .05. These are probably the worst lashes ive bought across the board. Very plastic looking. So much glue comes off the strip with the lashes. The are awful for pinching/shimmy/bouquet method. I thought i needed more practice but nope. These brown lashes are not worth it. They absolutely don't perform like the .03 lashes. I will never buy again. I thought i loved this brand..until these lashes.

Hi Margaret,

Thank you for your review!

We're so sorry to hear you've been left unimpressed with the product quality of our Black Brown Lashes - 0.05

We have checked with our customer care team, and we have not yet received any contact from yourself regarding this order.

We would love to discuss this further with you, our customer care team is going to reach out to you via email now

we hopefully look forward to having you on board as a fully satisfied customer very soon

Lots of Love,

Lori S
Brown/Black volume

I have tried many many different brown lashes, and I am truly in love with these they found perfect. They hold their curl and they are gorgeous color.

Great !

I’m very happy with the quality of the extensions and the finish look on clients !
I would be even happier with some light brown color extensions in the futur :)

Nice colour

Nice colour and easy to work with, really good for mega volume that looks less fake. Love them!!