How to Add Colored Lash Extensions Into ANY Set of Eyelash Extensions!

By now, you’ve probably seen the coloured lash trend flying around. However, most people shy away from coloured lash extensions because they think they’re ‘too much’ or not for everyday wear. One of the many skills of being a lash tech is staying on trend, so we’re here to show you how coloured lashes are for everyone, whether your client wants a bold or natural look. 

Full-Colour Lashes

The first option is of course to do a full set of coloured lashes. This is going to be the boldest look of them all and is great for clients who often opt for a more dramatic set. This can be done with either one single colour or a mixture of multiple colours. You can create beautiful sets of lashes using different shades of one colour. For example, try using both colours from the London Lash Coloured Mayfair trays. Our personal favourite trays for this technique are the Violet/Blue Mayfair Lashes and the Mint Green/Ocean Blue Mayfair Lashes.

Check out this blue set by @anastasia_lashexpert

blue eyelash extensions


Ombre Lashes

The Ombre effect is a gorgeous way of incorporating colour into a lash set. This look is created by applying black eyelash extensions to the bottom layers of the natural lashes, and then coloured lashes on the top layer. This simple technique creates a seamless blend, which is what we all know as ombre. The intensity of this style can be altered depending on what your client wants. A bright colour that heavily contrasts with black will create a bold, dramatic look, whereas choosing a darker colour will do the opposite. At the moment, the team at London Lash are loving black and red lashes, as well as blue and black.

Check out this Ombre set by @anastasia_lashexpert

red and black eyelash extensions

Bottom Layer Coloured Fans

This is one for clients who want something a little different, but like to keep it natural. Adding a few coloured volume fans to the bottom layer of lashes adds just a pop of colour. This is usually placed on the outer corner, or a couple of millimetres from the outer corner, and looks especially beautiful with a cat-eye mapping, as it accentuates the style. Give it a try on an almond or round eye - trust us!

We love this gorgeous example by @fati__lashes


wet look lashes

Coloured Spike Lashes

 Last but not least, we have coloured spikes. This is a newer lash trend that we are seeing become increasingly popular. The Spike/Kim K is a style in which longer lash extensions are placed throughout the lash map, creating that ‘spike’ effect. All you have to do is use coloured lashes for those spikes to create a striking yet sophisticated splash of colour. We find that a pink lash looks gorgeous in a Kim K set.

colored wispy eyelash extensions

So there you have it… coloured lashes are so versatile, it’s just about being creative! Lots of people avoid adding colour to their sets, and we get it, it sounds daunting at first. However, the idea that coloured lash extensions have to be dramatic and vibrant is a misconception, and hopefully, we have debunked that myth! 

Recruit some lash models to give these looks a try and post them for your clients to see. You never know, you might convince someone to be adventurous. If not, you’re still adding to your portfolio and expanding your services, so it’s a win/win. Don’t forget to tag us in your work, we love seeing your art.