What Are Natural Lash Extensions? How to Apply Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions 3 Different Ways

Since this is what we typically see on social media, it's simple to presume that every customer will want dramatic lash sets with spikes, foxy flicks, and dense volume. However, natural lash extensions have a lot to offer, so it's crucial to understand which products to use and what qualifies as "natural" when it comes to eyelash extensions.

Each client's natural lash extensions will appear somewhat different; for some, they may be an extremely light classic set with 0.10 extensions, for others, 0.15 classics, and for yet others, 2D 0.07s. It will depend on their natural eyelashes, how they apply makeup (if at all), and possibly even on age-related aspects. In order to give our clients precisely what they want when they ask for a natural lash set, we should look at a few different ways we may accomplish natural lash extensions.

Nude Look

The definition of a nude look is pretty much accurate; it appears that no extensions are worn, but there is a hint of something more around the eyes.

Use extensions that are no thicker than 0.07, have a B or C curl, are the same length as their natural lashes, and grow upwards for the most technically flawless nude look. You might also find it advantageous to use black brown lashes rather than black lashes if your client has naturally quite blonde hair and/or is quite pale in order to truly make it look like they don't have any eyelash extensions at all.

eyelash extension application

Classic Lash Extensions

You could say that whenever someone asks you for natural lash extensions, they mean classics. One natural lash to one extension.

0.10 or 0.12 is going to be great if your client wants a very light natural lash set because it adds a lot to the eyes without drastically changing them and essentially eliminates the need for mascara. The beauty of classic lashes is that while you must clean them every day, you can occasionally skip brushing them if you're pressed for time.

Of course, if your client has naturally thick lashes, 0.10 might not be enough for them; in this case, 0.15 or even 0.18 would be a perfect option. Like with a nude look, you could want to go 1-2 mm longer than their natural lashes if they want to keep it natural.

classic eyelash extensions

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid lashes may really make for a stunning natural lash set if our client has gaps in their lash line or if they have pretty fine natural lashes. When we think of natural lash extensions, we might not even consider volume in any way.

Choose 0.07 or finer lashes in these situations for your volume and 0.10 for your classic elements. Also keep in mind that hybrid lashes don't always have to be 50/50 classic/volume; you may use 75% classic to 25% volume to create a stunning hybrid lash set that looks incredibly natural and fills in those gaps!

hybrid lash extensions

All things considered, there are lots of things a client may mean when they ask for a 'natural lash set'. The key to giving your client exactly what they want is equal parts clarifying exactly how light of a look they're wanting, and making sure you're using curls, lengths and thicknesses which will look natural on their lashes.