A Guide to Mixing Lash Curls: Why Your Lash Maps Should Consider Length AND Curl

Let's face it: combining lash curls may make the difference between a lash set that looks 'meh' and one that goes viral on social media. It's fine to only use one curl throughout your sets, but there are MANY benefits to mixing and matching your lash curls in each set! Combining lash curls enables you to:

  • Make each set distinct for each client.
  • Perfectly flatter the eyes
  • Incorporate colour into your lash sets.
  • Provide clients with additional lift in the outer corners.
  • Make a perfectly even top line.

To get warmed up, let's start with some of the most popular curls before talking about the trickier, more uncommon curls. These pointers apply to classic eyelash extensions, Russian volume lashes, and even hybrid extensions, so no matter where you are in your lash career, keep them in mind if you haven't yet experimented with other curl combinations!

C, CC & D

Assume your client has very curly and uplifted lashes in the inner and outer corners, but they sit a little straighter in the middle. Using CC curls in the middle and C curls on curlier lashes will give them all the lift they need in the middle without creating any annoying brow-tickling over-lift in the corners.

choosing eyelash extension curls for different clients

Similarly, if your client's lashes grow downwards in the outer corners, you can use C and/or CC through the main part of the lashes before switching to a D curl to lift the outer corners.

M & L Curls

The less common curls, M curl and L curl, can be a little intimidating if you've never used them, but learning how and when to apply them will be fantastic for you, your business, and your social media! They provide such a cool, eye-catching look!

Although M and L curl lashes may appear to be specialist curls, they can be used on just about anyone; it all depends on how you combine them with other curls and how they work with the client's natural lashes.

When using a M or L curl, it's best to begin with C curls in the inner corners. How far you lash with C curls depends on how dramatic of a look you want to achieve - if you want a wet look, switching to an L/M curl earlier in the lash line will create a spikier, more dramatic look. Staying with a C curl for a longer and switching to an L/M curl near the end of the eye will give you a stunning eyeliner effect with a beautiful flick!

different types of eyelash extensions curls

Finally, if you want to incorporate some colour into your lash sets, take your coloured lashes in a C curl and apply them to the bottom layer of your lash set to add a little something extra! You can also apply the coloured lashes as spikes to the top layer - you can either blend them in with the top line by using the same lengths as in your map, or use spikes that are 2-3 mm longer than the black lashes in your set to make them stand out.

In many ways, how you mix your curls is as much about your creativity as it is about your clients' natural lashes. While mixing curls is always a good idea for creating that one-of-a-kind set to enhance each client's natural beauty, there is no hard and fast rule as to how many curls we can mix - grab yourself some mixed length trays in a variety of curls, and see what kinds of looks you can create!