The Mistakes We’ve Made So You Don’t Have To, Part 2!

At London Lash HQ, we often sit and reminisce about our time in the Lash Industry, so when we started laughing at the little mistakes we made back in the beginning, we very quickly realized that a LOT of these mistakes were pretty universal! 

Putting our heads together, we came up with a list of the 10 most common mistakes that we made ourselves, or that we’ve seen our students make. If you missed the first part of this list, you can check it out here or read on to get even more tips for bypassing mistakes and staying at the top of your game!

Not Lash Mapping

You may have seen some Lash Techs freestyle their lash application, but we’re very much ‘Team Always Draw A Lash Map’, especially when you’re new to it. Lash Maps aren’t just about aesthetics, they also help to ensure that you apply lash extensions evenly across both eyes so that when you reveal the stunning new set to your clients, they are wowed by how gorgeous their set is, not by how wonky it is. 

volume lash extensions being applied

There are four main Lash Mapping Styles that you’ll do well to learn, as you should ideally be tailoring looks to each and every client based on their face shape and bone structure. Once you know those, you can branch out into trending lash mapping styles!

Forgetting Aftercare Advice

Not giving your clients sufficient information relating to their aftercare is a recipe for disaster. Sure, great lash extension retention is largely due to how you prep the lashes prior to applying extensions, and to how well you actually attach the lashes, but if your clients aren’t given the right advice when it comes to lash extension maintenance, then your hard work in applying the lashes perfectly won’t be as apparent in the long run. 

lash shampoo foam cleanser

They’ll also be more likely to experience things like Blepharitis if they’re not routinely making sure their lashes are clean, so it’s extremely important that you’re passing the right information on to each and every client. We have a nice, in-depth blog post all about how to take care of your lash extensions, which you should read next if you need some pointers, but very briefly, they’ll need to:

  • Not pick at or rub their lashes.
  • Avoid mascara and waterproof eyeliner.
  • Avoid the glue bonds with foundation, concealers, and skincare (it’s a common misconception that oils break down lash extensions glue, but in actual fact, it’s that the oil can get between the natural lash and the glue bond, causing the extensions to slide off. You can find more lash myths busted in this blog post!)
  • Wash their lashes every day with an oil-free cleanser designed for washing lashes. They should rinse thoroughly, pat them dry, and then give them a brush through to fluff them up.
  • Make sure they’re booked in for Lash Fills every 3 weeks or so.

Not Booking Lash Fills

This one’s a doozy. This is something that we see so many Lash Techs stumbling on, and it’s something that we still do from time to time. 

At the end of every appointment, get your client booked in for their three-week lash fill appointment. This means that neither you nor your client has to keep track of who’s due an appointment and when, prevents them from turning up 6 weeks later with three sorry-looking lashes that are hanging on for dear life, and means that you keep your clients coming back, therefore there’s less pressure on you to constantly have to find new clients to fill your appointment slots. 

volume lash extensions lash fill

For everything you need to know about lash fills, take a look at this blog post, and if you’re not sure whether a lash fill policy is something that is even necessary, read this blog post.

Not Practicing Enough

This happens more with intermediate Lash Techs who’ve applied lash extensions for 5 friends or so and feel invincible. We love the energy, and honestly, nothing builds a business faster than confidence, but you need the skills to back it up. 

Practice lashes all the time – practice lash mapping styles, practice isolation, practice placement, practice photography, practice making fans: practice, practice, practice. 

mannequin training heads for lash extensions


If you don’t have any willing participants to help you, think about investing in a mannequin head for lash extensions – these can be used infinitely and will give you a means to practicing those more specialized lash mapping styles that your friends and family shy away from, as well as practice with removing lash extensions. 

Comparing Yourself to Others

There’s no confidence killer like comparison. While we love looking to the industry leaders for inspiration, comparing yourself and your progress to someone else’s is going to rob you of joy and could even cost you your business. 

This doesn’t just go for the super popular Lash Techs, this goes for Lash Techs in your local area, or even just a Lash Tech that was on the same lash extensions training course as you – we all have different learning styles, different ways of doing things, and different aspirations, so it stands to reason that we’d have different rates of progression. 

lash extensions consulation

The ONLY Lash Tech you should be comparing yourself to is the Lash Tech that you were a month ago, six months ago, or when you applied your very first set of lashes – we were all beginners once, and we’ve all had our doubts about our abilities. When you’re feeling like you’re not as far along in your journey as you think you should be, just look at how far you’ve come.

Embarking on your journey as a Lash Technician is exciting, but even the most seasoned pros were beginners once. By being aware of these common mistakes and knowing how to avoid them, you're setting yourself up for success as a Lash Tech. Keep learning, stay patient, and most importantly, don’t lose your passion!