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Lash Starter Kit (Classic & Volume)

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Get all your lash essentials in our LASH STARTER KIT (CLASSIC & VOLUME)!

We’ve put together a collection of all of our bestselling classic and volume lash products, so that you can get everything you need all in one place. The best part? The price of this kit is 45% lower than the regular retail price

It is a great option for training academies who want to offer the best eyelash extension training using London Lash Starter Kit, as well as for those just starting their lash career who are looking for the highest quality products to use for their customers. The kit includes products for BOTH classic and volume lashes, featuring our speciality lashes, like Easy Fanning and Flat Lashes!

London Lash Starter Kit includes over $390 worth of lash products!


The lash extension kit includes:

1 x Fine Tip Tweezers  

1 x Curved Tweezers 

1 x Straight Tweezers 

1 x Mixed Length Eyelash Trays Mayfair 0.15 C

1 x Mixed Length Eyelash Trays Chelsea 0.12 C

1 x Mayfair C curl (8-13) 0.05

1 x Chelsea C-curl (8-13mm) 0.07

1 x Mayfair CC-curl (8-13mm) 0.07

1 x Easy Fanning C curl Mix 0.07

1 x Pre-treatment Cleanser 15ml (unscented)

1 x Pre-treatment Primer 15ml (unscented)

1 x Lady Bond Glue 5ml

1 x Jade Stone - Black

1 x Large Stickers for Glue Stone (24pcs)

1 x White Large Lash Palette

1 x Satin Eyepatches (10 treatments)

1 x Micro Fibre Brushes (100pcs)

1 x Protein Removing Pads (pot of 75pcs)

1 x Cream Remover 5g

1 x Disposable Mascara Wands - 25pcs

1 x London Lash Black Mapping Pen

1x Kit box

1x Folder 

1x Reusable paper bag - Large 

1xCarbon Face mask (10pcs in pack) 


*Please note that the photos are for the illustrative purposes and actual contents may vary slightly based on the variant availability at the time of ordering.