Wham, Bam, Easy Fan – Not So Easy to Understand. Our Lash Mapping Style Guide: Easy Fan Edition

We have a lot of different types of lash extensions, and that’s largely because so much of being a Lash Tech is about finding what you prefer to work with, and what your clients like to wear. For the most part, lash mapping with any type of lash extension is easy enough once you know the four basic lash mapping styles, and a few of the more popular trending styles, but occasionally, a different type of lash extension will enter the mix and throw a spanner in the works. 

Introducing Easy Fan Lashes – on the surface, these guys are easier to fan than your standard Volume lashes, but when it comes to actually using them, it’s not uncommon for Lash Techs to struggle to really get to grips with them. Most commonly, it comes down to not really knowing exactly how to map with them, as they have more than one length on their strip where there’d normally be one.

Take the photo below, for example – here you can see a strip of standard Easy Fan Lashes, a strip of Camellia Easy Fan Lashes, and finally a strip of Mayfair Volume Lashes. Each of these are the same thickness and curl, and are also technically the same length. 

easy fan lashes compared to camellia lashes and standard volume lashes

Let’s take a closer look at each type of our Easy Fan Lashes and how you can map with them, so that you can create the lash looks of your clients’ dreams! Before we get going on that though, it’s worth knowing how Easy Fan Lashes work, so if you’re not too familiar with them just yet, check out this blog post first.

Standard Easy Fan Lashes

As you can see above, this type of Easy Fan Lashes has three lengths on each strip. This mixture of lengths gives them their signature textured top line, which is why they’re a favorite of so many Lash Techs and their clients – who doesn’t want sexy texture in a single pinch?

The key to mapping with these lashes is to simply ignore the shortest and longest listed length, and just go by the middle length on the strip. This will keep the lashes safe, but it will also give you an easy guideline to follow while you’re applying the lashes. Using Doll Eye mapping as an example, compared to mapping with standard single-length lashes, you’ll be mapping like so:

a side by side showing a doll eye lash map next to the same map with easy fan lashes

One other thing to keep in mind when mapping with Easy Fan Lashes is that you still need to increase your lengths gradually. You can’t go from 8,9,10mm to 11,12,13mm, for example, as this will result in there being a big jump in the lengths from one section to the next, rather than a smooth transition. Instead, you should go 8,9,10 → 9,10,11, → 10,11,12 etc. as you can see in the example above.

Camellia Easy Fan Lashes

Camellia Lashes have only two lengths on each strip, but those lengths have a difference of 2mm compared to the difference of only 1mm that you see on standard Easy Fan Lashes. 

camellia easy fan lashes

This larger difference results in a much wispier top line while still keeping that nice dense look closer to the eye line, which is the main thing that has led Camellia Easy Fan Lashes to become a fast favorite of Lash Techs! Did you know that we recently released these in single-length trays due to their huge success? This means that you can stock up on all of the lengths you love the most without having to worry about waste!

When you map with Camellia Easy Fan Lashes, simply go by the shorter of the two lengths on the strip to ensure that you are keeping your clients’ natural lashes safe and healthy. 

camellia easy fan lashes volume lash set

Easy Fan Lashes FAQs

Do Easy Fan Lashes Save Time?

They do! Compared to a set of lashes using only handmade fans, you can save around 30% of your time. So if a full set of Volume would usually take you 3 hours for full coverage, completing the same set with Easy Fan Lashes will only take around 2 hours while giving you the same coverage, the same incredible quality, and a lovely wispy top line that will be sure to turn heads!

Can You Mix Easy Fan Lashes With Other Types of Lash Extensions?

Of course! One of our favorite ways to apply Hybrid lashes is to mix Easy Fan Lashes in with Classics. There are a couple of different ways to do this – for a lighter look, you can apply some 0.10, 0.12, or 0.15 lashes (we’ve said ‘or’ but you can treat that as an ‘and’ if you wish – the world is your oyster when it comes to mixing lashes) in longer lengths to add even more wispy lashes into the mix. 

For a Mega Volume look, you can use some Matt Flat Lashes in 0.20 or 0.25 to add bold spikes to a Kim K lash mapping style. If Flat Lashes aren’t cutting the mustard, you can even pair them with some Premade Spikes to really bring the drama.

Lastly, as with any type of lash extensions, you can add a fun flare by including some colored lashes throughout the set, either as spikes, wispy Classics, or some fluffy little fans on the bottom layer.

volume lash extensions being applied

Is There Anything You Can’t Do With Them?

The only thing you can’t do with Easy Fan Lashes is apply Booster to the strip. If you’re not yet familiar with Booster, we have a nice in-depth blog post all about it, but to keep it brief, the reason that you’d use Booster on the strip of lashes is to prevent the fan from closing when you place if on the natural lashes and let go of it. This is far less likely to happen with Easy Fan Lashes which is fortunate, as using Booster on the lash strip causes the very thin layer of glue holding the layers of lashes together to become stringy, and makes the lashes almost impossible to work with! 

That being said, you can still use Booster on the natural lashes prior to application, and you can also finish off your lash sets with Superbonder too.

As strange as Easy Fan Lashes might be when you first start working with them, there’s really nothing to it once you get to grips with mapping based on one length out of those listed. Having Easy Fan Lashes on hand is a really great way to offer your clients wispy lash extensions without really having to think too much about how you’re applying the lengths to the different layers of their natural lashes, and means that you can create lovely dense lash looks in around 2/3rds of the time!