Why Camellia Lashes Are Your New Lash Kit Essential, plus Tips for Mapping with Easy Fan Lashes

Wispy lashes have taken the industry by storm – you love them, we love them, our clients love them! Something else we love is finding ways to speed up our treatment times without sacrificing the quality of our work. Easy Fan Volume Lashes have been a part of our eyelash extensions range since 2019, but our most recent development in easy fan volume lashes take wispy lashes to the next level! Here’s everything you need to know about our Camellia Easy Fan Lashes!

What Are Easy Fan Lashes?

Easy fan lashes are a type of volume eyelash extension that are a bit easier to fan than your standard Russian Volume lash extensions. If you’re new to volume, let’s just go over regular volume lashes for a second so that you have a super clear idea of the differences and how each of them work. 

Like classic eyelash extensions, volume lashes come side by side on a strip in a single layer, ready for you to turn into gorgeous lightweight lash fans (of course, you can get premade lash fans too, but today we’re just looking at those which you fan yourself) in your chosen size, depending on the look you and your client are working towards.

Easy Fan Lashes are a little different in that they have multiple lengths on each strip. What this means is that when you grab them with your tweezers and pull them off the strip, the stacked layers push one another out of the way and in doing so, spring open into fans! 

a gif showing a fan being removed from a strip of lash extensions. there are two lengths of lashes in the fan which give a wispy lash look

Our standard Easy Fan Lashes have three lengths on each strip, so when you grab a fan they have built-in texture thanks to the variation of lengths. These 3 lengths are 1 mm apart each, for example one fan may have 8 mm, 9 mm & 10 mm all mixed together. 

Camellia Easy Fan Lashes have two lengths per strip which have a 2 mm difference. This slightly bigger difference in length means that fans are even wispier, creating effortless wispy lashes with loads of texture! 

How Do You Use Easy Fan Lashes?

While they may seem daunting for all of their differences to regular volume lashes, Easy Fan Lashes are super simple to use – you really just grab and go! 

We’d recommend using volume tweezers with a thinner foot for easy fan lashes if you can – you don’t need quite as much control as you do with regular volume lashes as these are doing a lot of the work for you. Fine Tip Volume Tweezers are a great choice, but because of the small amount of glue on the bases of the Easy Fan Lashes, Multifunctional Tweezers are also excellent to use with Easy Fan Lashes!

Easy Fan Lashes give you quite narrow fans which give you a lot of density in the lash line, but you can widen them a little simply by placing the fan back onto the strip and giving it a little wiggle. Due to that little bit of glue on the base, we don’t really recommend that you use the pinching method to widen your fans, even if it is your usual favourite!

How Do You Map With Easy Fan Lashes?

We’re asked this a lot – the mixture of lengths really seems to throw people off, and we get it! All you really need to do is map by the shorter lengths (if you’re using standard Easy Fan Lashes and not Camellia, go by the middle length instead), so if you’d typically start with 7 mm in your inner corners, working up to 11 mm and back down again, you’d be using strips of 7&8, 8&9, 9&10, 10&11, 11&12. This will give you the same lash map style you typically have with whatever style you’ve chosen, but you’ll have lots of extra wispy bits thanks to those longer lashes! 

A digitally drawn image of an eye showing a Kim K wispy lash map | London Lash Canada

That’s pretty much everything! The only other thing to keep in mind is that you can’t use Booster on the strip of these lashes due to that small amount of glue holding the layers together. The good news is that due to those layers creating fans by pushing each other apart, you won’t actually need to use Booster for keeping your fans open. You can still use Booster on the natural lashes to help with retention though. 

We can’t wait to see your wispy lash sets! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram