5 of the Best Lash Kit Products You Didn’t Know You Needed!

At any stage of your lash career, but especially at the beginning, it’s likely that you’ll only be searching for the absolute necessities – we all know that a lash kit should contain lashes, lash tweezers, lash glue, at least some pretreatment products, and some eye patches, right? And we’re all well used to seeing best sellers placed on pedestals and mentioned in as many places as possible, aren’t we? While best sellers earned that title for good reason, we can’t help but feel that there are a few products which often go unnoticed, or don’t quite get all of the love and attention they deserve. Here are our top 5 underrated faves, in no particular order…

Protein Remover & Cleansing Pads

Can these really be called underrated? It’s unlikely that you’ve missed us talking about these on social media or in our marketing emails, but when it comes to products not being used to their full potential, these are top of the list! Did you know that there’s more than one way that you can use Protein Pads? 

You have your standard way of using them, of course, where you wrap one pad around your fingertip and give the lash line a close and thorough cleanse, while also cleaning the skin around the eyes. This helps the lashes to stay in place and also helps to prevent your eye patches from lifting during the treatment. 

A photo showing a Protein Cleansing Pad being taken out of its tub with a pair of tweezers | London Lash Canada

The Protein Pads have more liquid in each pad than you really need, and we recommend that you squeeze out the excess a little bit before using them on your client, which brings us onto the other way to use them, which is to take a micro-brush or a lip applicator cleansing wand and push it into the top of the pads, or dip it into the extra liquid, giving you an even closer lash line cleanse. By using them in this way as well as in the normal way you’re getting so much product for your money, and with them costing you less than 30¢ per pad already, you’ll really be saving money on your lash cleansing supplies without ever sacrificing the quality of your pre-treatment routine.

Mannequin Head 

We know what you’re thinking – these are only good for training purposes, and are only good for complete beginners. The thing is though, having a way to practise isolation and application, or even to test out new lash mapping styles that doesn’t involve bribing family members is a big win. You can practise anywhere, anytime you like and the mannequin head won’t mind if you give them lashes that aren’t exactly what you had in mind. 

mannequin head for practicing eyelash extensions

Something to note about our Mannequin Head in particular is that it has built in lashes which are arranged in layers to mimic a client’s natural lashes. It’s not exactly the same, but it is a really good place to start and there’s a lot to be said for practising your craft as much as you can. 

When you’re done with your application, you can simply remove the lashes, give them a clean and you’re ready to reapply – this is also a good window of opportunity where cleaning off shock polymerized glue is concerned, as lash extensions removal is a really common way for shock polymerization to occur. 

Lash Mirror

This is one of those products that is so commonly overlooked, but it has a few different uses and at least two of them will really help you to avoid two hugely common issues that lash techs face on a near-daily basis. 

Lash Mirrors basically help you to see the lashes you’re applying from underneath. If that seems pointless given that you can see them from above the whole time you’re applying the extensions, consider this: what you see from above doesn’t always accurately reflect what your client will see when they open their eyes. By checking the lashes from underneath throughout the set, you know if there’s a gap, a leaning extension, or something else untoward so that you can fix it in advance of your client seeing it as soon as they open their eyes. 

A photo taken from a lash technician's perspective where they are checking the eyelash extensions from underneath with a lash mirror | London Lash Canada

Something else to keep in mind is that you can’t always tell from above if your client’s eyes are slightly open. Any gap between the eyelids during treatment puts them at a significant risk of a chemical burn, which we definitely want to avoid! By checking from time to time and ensuring that the eyes are closed or protected, we’re actively helping our client to avoid discomfort after their treatment. 

Lastly – and this is arguably not something super necessary, but then again you could say that this makes it a marketing tool – you can get really cool shots of your lash sets using a lash mirror. We all love an open-eye, completed lash set photo or reel on socials, but a mirror shot is something cool and a little bit different. While its other uses are super important to your client’s experience, you may as well get a few cute shots for the ‘gram.

Macro Lens

Again, not super necessary, per se but definitely something to break up the monotony if your website or social media feed is starting to feel a bit bland. A macro lens is used for super close up shots, meaning you can get juicy photos and videos of your lash sets in detail that you’ve only dreamt of until now. 

For best results, clip the lens onto your phone’s camera (if you have a phone with 3 cameras you may need to switch the position a little bit depending on which zoom lens you’re using. If your phone’s camera is in the middle of the back and not on the side, we’re sorry to say this won’t actually work for you), get super close to the lashes so that the picture is in focus, and then if you want to get even closer, you can use your camera’s zoom. 

Et Voila! Super close up juicy shots that are all lovely and crisp! 

Multifunctional Tweezers

Okay, we talk about these pretty often, but hear us out! Multifunctional Tweezers are named that way for a reason, and that’s because they have multiple functions. In addition to being good for picking up classic lashes, they have a good angle for isolating natural lashes, great grip for separating stickies and good enough grip to even help you create and pick up quick 2D fans. 

Due to them having a thin foot, these tweezers are also great to use with easy fan lashes. 

Author’s note: I truly believe that no lash extension kit is complete without a pair of these tweezers. If you drop your isolation tweezers or even your volume tweezers, these serve as a backup until your replacement tweezers arrive. One pair of tweezers coming to the rescue so that you don’t have to cancel any appointments sounds pretty good to me. Plus, they’re really lightweight and comfortable to use, so you may even find that these become your favourite pair – I know they did for me!  

We understand the appeal of starting out with only the bare essentials, but branching out a little from time to time can make a huge difference to how easy your lash sets can become to complete. Sometimes what you’ve only ever thought of as an optional accessory becomes an absolute essential within the space of one single treatment!

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