We know that you’re working your socks off with semi permanent eyelashes in different provinces around Canada. We also know that in order to stay busy, you need to keep all of your clients happy, which means you need the BEST Canada lash extension products to work with, and you need them to work well. 

One product that is essential is glue. You may think you’re using the right product, but maybe there’s a BETTER one for you. Or, you might just be a little confused, right? Well, we’re here to help!

Temperature and humidity can play a huge part in whether your eyelash adhesive works, or fails. As a lash stylist, if you want to give your clients long-lasting eyelash extensions, these are two very important factors.


If your Canadian beauty salon is too hot and humid, your eyelash glue will dry too fast. This will result in poor retention - by the time you place the extension on the natural lash, the glue will already polymerise. If you’ve ever had lashes brush off at the end of treatment THIS is why!  You’ll also notice that your glue is becoming stringy more quickly on your jade stone.

The opposite is true if your lash studio is too cold with low humidity -  the lash glue will take too long to dry, so you’ll end up with stickies, or lashes will begin to lean in all sorts of strange directions!

Fumes are attracted to moisture, if the humidity in the air is too low, then adhesive fumes will migrate to more moist areas, such as the eyes, nose, and mouth. This may lead to adverse reactions. It’s important to keep on top of your humidity level so that eyelash glue fumes bind to water vapor in the air.

It is also important to note that the longer glue takes to cure (meaning too low humidity), the more fumes will be emitted, so it has more of a chance of irritating your client’s eyes - no-one wants a chemical burn!

Lash retention is client retention!


If the humidity is too low, consider investing in a humidifier, it will be your saviour! You can get really pretty ones online for not a lot of money. Choose your humidifier wisely - if your lash room is bigger, you need a larger humidifier which will cover the whole area.

You can increase the humidity as well, by adding some little droplets of water along the eyepatch, or you can try adding Booster to your pretreatment routine to speed up the glue’s curing time!

If the humidity is too high, a dehumidifier would be the best option overall as it will be effective in all seasons. In winter months, having a radiator can help with drying out the air, however it will also increase your temperature, causing two different room conditions for your glue. Dehumidifier will help you control your humidity without a risk of an extra heat!

PRO TIP! Keep a close eye on your temperature and humidity with a Digital Hygrometer

So, now we come to the rescue. We have an AWESOME range of eyelash extension adhesives. Not only can we advise which are best for beginner eyelash technicians, intermediate lash techs and advanced lash artists, but we can also guide you as to which are the BEST eyelash extensions glues for certain humidities. We want your client to have an AMAZING eyelash extension experience, and keep coming to you for years and years!


Step 1) Start from the left and find your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Step 2) Find the room temperature bracket that your environment fits into 

Step 3) Find the room humidity 

Step 4) Slide your finger across and find the glues we recommend

Step 5) Below, you will also see the consistency of each product, so once you know which adhesives are best suited, you can then choose which consistency you like, and narrow down your selection.

an informational chart showing each london lash glue and comparing them based on which level of user they are best suited to, as well as their preferred room temperature and humidity level

Once you know which glue suits your conditions best, click here to shop!