Black Lash Glue vs Clear: Why Clear Lash Glue Might Become a Staple of Your Lash Extension Kit

When you think of lash extension glue, you imagine that rich, deep black shade in a lovely little dome shape on your jade stone. Lash extension glue is generally black to help it form a seamless blend between the natural lashes and the lash extensions, which also tend to be black

With a rise in clients asking for black brown lashes instead, or opting for a flash of color in their lash mapping styles, clear lash glue is becoming increasingly popular for Lash Techs all over the world. But, is there any difference between clear and black lash extension glue? Is there any time you shouldn’t use it? Do you need to treat it any differently? Let’s explore…

What is Clear Lash Extension Glue? 

To put it very simply, clear lash extension glue is exactly the same as any regular black lash extension glue, it just doesn’t have the addition of the black pigment that your run-of-the-mill lash extension glue does. 

clear lash extension glue being dispensed onto a jade stone

Do You Need To Work With It Differently?

Clear lash extension glue is still made up of cyanoacrylate and stabilizers, just like any other lash glue. It has its preferences when it comes to your room conditions – in the case of Crystal Bond, it’s really similar to Lady Bond, preferring a temperature in the range of 64.4ºF and a humidity level between 45% - 60%. 

One thing to keep in mind when using clear lash extension glue is thatit can be difficult to determine if it's mixed properly, unlike regular black lash glue.

a glue shaker with a bottle of lash extension glue attached

This just means that you have to be extra careful and thoroughly shake your glue to ensure optimal glue performance and perfect lash retention.

Can Everyone Use Clear Lash Extension Glue?

One other thing to consider when it comes to clear lash extension glue is that it’s not always the best choice for beginners. For beginner Lash Techs who haven't yet developed the muscle memory to determine how long to shake their glue, or those whose budget hasn't yet stretched to include a lash glue shaker, it can be challenging to know how if the clear lash glue is thoroughly mixed. 

As it's notably harder to see clear lash glue than standard black lash extension glue, this often results in too much glue being picked up on the base of the lash fan or classic lash. Remember that above all else, your clients’ comfort and lash health come first, so we highly recommend getting to grips with perfect dipping and placement before progressing to a clear lash extension glue.

When is it Best to Use Clear Lash Glue?

You can pretty much use clear lash extension glue at any time as it will create a seamless bond between any extensions and natural lashes, but it’s especially good to use clear lash glue alongside colored lash extensions, as then you won’t have to worry about being able to see the glue bonds at the bottom of the colored lashes. 

Additionally, we recommend opting for clear lash extension glue when using brown lash extensions, for the same reasons as you would use it with colored lash extensions. Often, when you’re applying brown lash extensions, your client will have lighter natural lashes, which means that using a clear lash glue will help to give an even cleaner finish making for a beautiful natural set of lash extensions!

a bottle of clear lash extension glue


All in all, there’s no bad time to use clear lash extension glue – being as it is clear, your attachment will be clean and seamless no matter which lash extensions you’re using, or what your client’s natural lashes are like. One final thing to note is that clear lash extension glue can be good to try if your client has exhibited symptoms of an allergic reaction to lash extension glue, as in very rare cases, it’s the black pigment that causes the reaction. If you are planning on trying this, we highly recommend that you apply fewer lashes than you typically would in a full set of lashes, as it’s far more common that cyanoacrylate is the cause of the allergic reaction. As we’ve mentioned, and as you know, client health comes before any other aspect of the lash extension application. 

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