The Lash Style With Two Meanings. How to Understand What Your Client Really Wants When They Ask for a Half Set of Lashes

As with so many other things in the lash extensions industry, one seemingly simple phrase can have two or more varying meanings – Lash Primer is sometimes referred to as Lash Cleanser and vice versa depending on the brand, Premade Lash Fans are often referred to as Promade Fans, etc. etc. etc. 

When it comes to a half set lashes though, surely that can only mean one thing, right? Well, you’d think so, but no. These are the two very different things your clients might mean when they ask you for a half set of lashes, and a guide to styling each to ensure their happiness!

Half Set Lashes Type 1: 50% Coverage

This is arguably the more common meaning of a half set of lashes because, until fairly recently, this is all that a half set of lashes referred to. This method involves simply applying lashes to every other natural lash rather than each individual eyelash. 

When mapping a half set of lashes which aims to cover only 50% of the lashes, simply draw out your lash map in the way that you normally would, and then apply the lashes at regular intervals through the lash line. 

Though a half set of lashes aims for a lighter, more natural finish, you don’t want there to be too many gaps, especially as the lashes start to grow out between lash fill appointments. To combat this, use the layers of the natural lashes to your advantage by applying extensions to the second layer in the gaps left by the uncovered lashes on the layer below, then use a lash mirror to check for any gaps, and then apply extensions to the top layer in those spots.

a lash tech using a mirror to view the lashes from underneath to ensure there are no gaps

A half set of lashes applied in this way provides a light, fluffy look that isn’t too far from the client’s natural lashes (depending on which lengths and volume they choose, of course), with the only drawback being that they may see gaps in their lashes more quickly than if they’d had complete coverage like they would in a full set of lashes, which just means it’s worth ensuring they’re booked in for a lash fill appointment every 2-3 weeks. 

Half Set Lashes Type 2: Feathery Fox Style

The other way to apply half set lashes is to start from the middle of the eye, starting with very light lashes in shorter lengths and then gradually adding length toward the outer corners. 

The result of this type of application is a light and fluffy take on a Fox Style – otherwise known as a Kitten Lash Style – which incorporates elements of an Angel Lash mapping style such as mixing closed 2D fans and classic lashes to achieve a lightly textured look, in a more sultry and playful shape. 

a digital drawing depicting the application of a half set lashes

We’ve put together a complete guide to this particular type of half set lashes in this blog post, so be sure to check that out for lash mapping inspiration and the full lowdown on this up-and-coming lash mapping style!

In the ever-evolving world of lash mapping styles, new phrases pop up all the time, oftentimes having the same meaning as another term, or sometimes providing something of an antithesis to the original intended meaning. Either way, the beauty of a half set lies in its versatility. Whether your client is a newbie to lash extensions and is reluctant to go for full volume right off the bat, or simply wants a more understated look, a half set can be the perfect solution.