Sorry, I’m Fully Booked! And Other Things to Say to Clients Begging to be Squeezed In 'Just This Once'…

Burnout is a real concern, especially in our line of work. We understand the temptation to take on one more client, squeeze in another lash fill, or handle a bit more admin before you put your phone down for the night, and we get it – when you start a business it’s so easy to believe that no task is too big, no client demands too much, and that you can find time for everything. While this approach might keep a steady flow of clients passing from your Instagram DMs to your lash bed, it leaves you with little room for rest, relaxation, or mental recuperation. 

Before long, you won’t be getting enough sleep because your mind will always be focused on your to-do list – you’ll neglect proper nutrition because you either don’t have time to eat during the day or are too tired to cook at night. Already feel you might be going that way? Here are some of the things we learned the hard way about overworking, so that you don’t have to...

Avoid Overbooking

It might seem tempting to accommodate every client request, especially during the holiday season when lash fills and full sets are in high demand. However, sometimes you have to say no, even to your loyal clients. Setting boundaries is crucial for your well-being and your business' sustainability.

Ensure ahead of time that you have a pretty solid booking system in place in the first instance, and ensure that you’re getting your regulars booked in for their lash fills at the end of every appointment. This saves having to turn them away, and also helps to guarantee business once things start to slow down when party season is over.

Schedule Your Lunch Breaks

Utilizing tools like Google Calendar can help you efficiently manage your time. Block out time for each appointment, including your lunch breaks. If you don't have a booking system, this is also a great way to keep track of your appointments. Taking regular breaks, including a proper lunch break, is more beneficial than you might think.

A screenshot of a google calendar with appointments for beauty treatments blocked out

Eating tasty foods puts you in a better mood and making sure you add fruits and veggies into the mix gives you energy and helps you to stay alert. Don’t overlook hydration either! Staying hydrated aids your energy levels and helps you pay attention to details.

Keep Gaps Between Appointments

Leave a small gap of time between appointments, not just for any potential overrun but also to take a short break for yourself. Use this time to stretch, tidy and organize your tools, hydrate, have a small snack, use the bathroom, and/or check your client’s record card to see if there are any topics of conversation you can ask them about from their last appointment. Something as simple as asking about an event that they told you about on their last visit goes to show that you care about them, and keeps them coming back to you!

Set Aside Time for Admin

Getting to the end of a long day of lash extension appointments only to then have to check your stock, reply to messages, shuffle around bookings and place your lash extension supplies orders is only going to be detrimental. 

Book out half hour slots for ordering and replying to messages in between appointments a couple of times per day. By doing this, you’re honoring your personal time after work is done, you’re ensuring that everyone gets a timely response and understands your boundaries, and you’re also more likely to keep on top of all of those things. 

Add to that the fact that when answering messages and placing orders you can move about and/or sit in a more comfortable position, you’re doing your spine a favor too!

Nourish Yourself

While it may be tempting to replace meals with coffee for a quick energy boost, it's not a sustainable solution. You deserve treats, but prioritize foods that provide sustained energy. Include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein in your diet. Don't completely cut out fats or carbohydrates, as they are essential for your overall functioning. Choose foods that not only nourish your body but also make you happy!

Take Time to Pamper Yourself

Remember to pamper yourself. Whether it's a relaxing face mask and a warm bath at home, a massage, or a manicure and pedicure, take time to treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care. There are also simple activities like reading a book, watching a movie with a friend or partner, or taking a short walk to clear your mind.

miss dolla gel nail polish being applied

Prioritize Rest

Above all, during this busy holiday season, make time for yourself. Rest is essential when your body needs it most. Listen to your body and give it the care and rest it deserves.

While it might seem counterintuitive to take time away from work when you have the potential to be so busy, it will do you and your business good in the long run to just take for yourself every once in a while.

Be Firm With Your Policies

If you don’t already have policies in place, now is a great time to think about the policies that will best serve you in busy periods in particular. Policies protect your time and income, and they ensure that all clients are treated fairly and have their time respected too. 

It only takes one late client and no late or no-show policy to derail your entire day, and upset all of your future clients in the process. For a full rundown of the types of policies it’s well worth putting in place, take a look at this blog post next.

As a Lash Tech, it's crucial to balance your workload with self-care to prevent burnout. By following these tips and prioritizing your well-being, you'll not only provide better service to your clients but also ensure the long-term success of your lash extension business. Remember, taking care of yourself is an investment in both your personal and professional life!