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Problems with retention? One of the reasons for this could be the inconsistent proportion of the glue ingredients in the bottle throughout the glue’s lifetime. In order to avoid this problem - you always need to shake your glue very well.

How to correctly shake your lash adhesive? Of course, you can opt for “old school” manual shaking, but it's very time consuming and it still doesn’t guarantee you the perfect results! 

London Lash recommendation - ALWAYS use a Glue Shaker.

What’s so great about it?

  • No more wrist strain from manual shaking 
  • 5-15 seconds mixing time VS 1-2 minutes of manual shaking, which gives you more time to lash!
  • Uses centrifugal force to mix the glue ensuring optimal combination 
  • Thoroughly mixed glue guarantees a perfect retention
  • No glue stuck in the nozzle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact and lightweight, it looks super cute on your lash trolley
  • Clients will see (and hear!) how professional you are!

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IMPORTANT! Please be careful when inserting the rubber attachment. Too much pressure can result in damage to the white bolt. 

Product details

  • White & gold color, with London Lash logo
  • 3  speed settings
  • USB chargeable
  • Improved design for better longevity
  • The box contains: 1 x glue shaker, 2 x rubber attachments, 1 x USB cable

Please note: glue sold separately.

How to use

  • Completely charge before first use. Do not use while charging.
  • Choose the correct rubber holder for the size of your glue bottle
  • Insert the glue lid into the rubber holder, covering just over half the lid, ensuring it is secure but does not become stuck
  • Hold the shaker so that the glue is the right way up
  • Press the power button and allow the glue to spin for a few seconds. Press again for speed level 2, and a third time for speed level 3
  • Recommended shaking time:
    • 5 seconds - highest speed
    • 10 seconds - medium speed
    • 15 seconds - slowest speed
  • Gently squeeze the rubber to break the vacuum seal (pull the bottle sideways rather than downwards as this creates a vacuum) and gently pull the glue bottle out
Queens Award 2020
London Lash are proud winners of the Queen's Award 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Love it, so light weight, takes 10 seconds and so easy and fast. Love that it's rechargeable and it's so sleek and pretty compared to other glue shakers. Fits my aesthetic XD

In love!!

I love it! It’s so pretty and honestly bye, bye to shaking your lash glue when you could just use this to spin for the win!?

Katie Alvarez
Love it!

You have to get one! Or two 🙂 amazing and gorgeous.