Cozy or Crazy: A Guide to Festive Lash Styles for the Autumn and Winter Months

We love any excuse to push the boat out when it comes to our lash mapping styles, and what better excuse than all of the festivities and parties that the end of the year brings?! Whether your clients are in the mood for something a little cozier, or they’re the wild child of their friend group, we have something to make everyone’s party season a little more special!

Keeping Things Cozy

It doesn’t all have to be glitz and glam, in fact, with the rise in popularity of more natural lash looks and wispy lash extensions, it’s quite often not glitz and glam! For those clients who love a quiet night in with a thick blanket and an even thicker book, we’ve designed three cute, autumnal lash looks to complement their cozy vibe.

Toffee Latte Lashes

Using a natural lash mapping style and taking it to an even softer level with some brown lashes, this is a gorgeous style that’s wearable at any time of year. Against a backdrop of reddening leaves though, this is an extra special look, which is even more complementary as those summer tans fade! 

a natural lash set using brown lashes

It’s entirely up to you whether you opt for soft volume here, stick with lovely light classic lashes, or if you want to go straight down the middle and go for wispy hybrid lashes. Just because a look is soft and natural, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it! 

Pumpkin Spice Lashes

Who doesn’t love a PSL?! For this one, we’ve taken inspiration from one of our fave seasonal treats, and combined it with a half set of lashes. 

a half set of lashes using brown lash extensions

For a full tutorial on creating a half set of lashes, take a look at this blog post where we've put together all of our tips and tricks! For a cozy, fall inspired twist, we’ve once again chosen brown lashes. For a half set of lashes, it’s better to keep it light so that it blends in nicely with the natural lashes, so opt for either classic lashes, very light and wispy volume, or even closed fans like you might use in a set of Angel lashes. 

Cinnamon Maple Lashes

If there’s one thing we love more than Pumpkin Spiced anything, it’s sprinkling a little cinnamon onto a hot chocolate or some oatmeal to really welcome in the fall and winter! While we can’t exactly sprinkle cinnamon onto our clients’ lashes, we can get creative with our lash mapping style!

a lash map using brown lashes with some orange lash extensions added

This is one for the cozy client who wants to add a little spice! Once again, we’re reaching for our brown lash extensions, but we’re going the extra mile and we’re adding a few orange lashes near the outer corners! It’s up to you and your client whether you do this in the form of fans, closed spikes, or even classic lashes; and if you want to add even more spice, why not throw in some red lash extensions as well? 

Kicking it Up a Notch

Some of us are extroverts, and others, are looking for an easy way to get a conversation started that doesn’t involve discussions about the weather. Either way, these head-turning lash mapping styles will do the trick!

Disney Villain Lashes

For those clients who have a passion for the dramatic and love to lean into it come Halloween, one of our Creative Geniuses (AKA Gemma Fahy, our blog writer over on London Lash UK) has created three stunning lash looks inspired by iconic Disney Villains!

The first is inspired by the ever iconic Ursula from the Little Mermaid – sure, she’s evil, but she looks great and her song is a bop, so who can really stay mad at her? For this look, choose the best lash mapping style to suit your client, and add some pretty pops of lavender to your lash look. 

a lash map inspired by Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid

Next up, we have a slightly more daring look based on Cruella DeVille – now she really is a dreadful person, but her fashion is some of the best in the game! Again, choose the lash map that best suits your client and do half white, half black, with some devilish red spikes added in for good measure! 

a lash map inspired by Cruella DeVille from Disney's 101 Dalmatians

It’s worth noting here that the dark lashes on the inner corners and the light lashes on the outside of the eye will create the illusion of less space between the eyes. To combat this for clients who already have a close set of eyes you can either swap the placement of the black lashes and the white lashes, or you can add your white lashes in the form of fans or spikes instead. 

Lastly, we have Maleficent. This is a lash style that will hold people’s attention like Maleficent herself can hold a grudge! Choose your lash mapping style, and then add some purple and green lashes near the outer corners. 

a lash map inspired by Maleficent from Disney's Sleeping Beauty

Again, you get to choose whether you do this with fans, spikes, or classic lashes, but whatever you pick your client is sure to LOVE it! 

TOP TIP: For the most seamless lash line when working with colored lashes, try using a clear lash extension glue like Crystal Bond!

Glitter Lashes

These involve a little bit of preparation, so make sure you know ahead of time if your client wants glitter added to their lashes. 

Take your classic lash or your fan by the base, and gently dip the tip into clear lash glue, careful not to take too much. Next, dip the still wet lash into your chosen glitter – for best results, try to find some smaller glitter particles, and for the very best results, make sure it’s biodegradable! 

While the glue is drying, stick the bases of your freshly glittered lashes to a 3M double sided strip so that the lashes can stand up and air dry. Be sure to brush through the lashes before applying them to get rid of any stray glitter. 

Glitter lashes are beautiful, but be mindful that the glitter can come loose if left for too long. Ideally, you should only be applying glitter lashes for the event that your client is going to in order to keep their eyes and lashes safe, so it’s worth booking them in soon after to remove those sparkly lashes (we know, it’s very sad to see them go) – if they’re still in the mood for something fun, simply replace the glitter lashes with some brightly colored lashes!

Spider Web Lashes

Last but not least, add a spooky twist to your clients’ lash looks with spiderweb lashes! For this style, we recommend using shorter lashes through the majority of your lash set so that the spikes and the webbing really stand out. 

At regular intervals through the lash set, apply spikes that are 3-4 mm longer than the rest of the lashes. Next, take a slightly thicker classic lash and hold it horizontally in the middle so that you can dip both ends into the glue, before applying it to the spikes you’ve applied. Continue doing this until you have the desired spider web effect. 

spider web lashes

Like glitter lashes, this isn’t a look that should be left on for too long, as the webbing will work just like stickies do. Get your client back in to remove at least the webbing once they’ve enjoyed their event, and their lashes will be safe and happy! 

Whether you’re Team Cozy or Team Crazy, we can all agree that fall and winter lashes have a lot to offer everyone in terms of creativity and trying new things! If you try out any of these looks, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram!