Hybrid Lashes: A Study in Versatility

Hybrid lashes have been making waves in the beauty industry ever since volume lashes joined the party back in the early 2010s. They offer a perfect blend of classic and volume lash extensions, meaning that they’re often asked for and/or offered to clients who aren’t really sure where they sit in the classic vs volume lashes conversation. Join us on a little deep-dive into the vastly versatile world of hybrid lashes, to ensure that you're well-equipped to choose the best style for each and every client!

We have an overview of Hybrid Lashes in this blog post, so take a look at that if you want to gain a slightly broader perspective on hybrid lashes. For a more lash styling focused approach, keep reading…

What Are Hybrid Lashes?

Hybrid lash extensions provide a fuller, fluffier look than your standard classic set, while still giving a lighter finish than what you might think of when we talk about volume lash sets. This makes it a favorite among those who want the best of both worlds. What you might not know though, is that there are different types of hybrid lash extensions, ranging from super light and wispy, to deep dark mega volume lash sets. 

Typically, we think of hybrid lashes as an even split between classic lash extensions and volume lashes, where we alternate between a classic lash and a volume fan as we work through the lash line. While that’s a good way to apply hybrid lashes and will absolutely result in the look your client is generally looking for, it’s not the only option! 

It's worth noting as well that you can apply hybrid lashes in any lash mapping style, that includes your basic lash map shapes, or the trendier styles that your clients are likely to send you pictures of with their 'can we do this??' text message.

Natural Hybrid Lashes

Natural hybrid lash extensions are for those who want a subtle enhancement. This style combines single classic lashes with very light volume fans, typically using 0.10 or 0.07 diameter lashes, and making slightly wider 2D fans. The result? A soft, feathery look that's not too dramatic but still adds a touch of glamor - think of it as the "your lashes but better" look. For an even softer finish, consider using brown lash extensions, which provide a gentle contrast to the typical black lashes and just add a really natural softness to any lash look.

a graphic depicting how to apply a set of natural hybrid lashes

Remember as well that it doesn't have to be an even split between your classic lashes and your volume fans – use fans to close gaps in the lash line and apply classic lashes everywhere else if you want to.

Dramatic Hybrid Lashes

    For those who love a bit of drama, the dramatic hybrid style is the way to go. This technique uses a higher ratio of volume lashes to classic lashes, creating a bold and striking appearance. Here’s where you might use 0.05 or 0.07 diameter lashes in 3D or 4D fans, interspersed with classic lashes for added depth. This style is perfect for special occasions or for those who love to make a statement, but not as bold of a statement as volume lashes. 

    Wispy Hybrid Lashes

      Wispy lashes are all about creating a playful, fluttery look by mixing different lengths of both classic and volume lashes. This length variation will come from the lashes themselves, of course, but can also come from the way you apply the lashes to the different layers of the natural lashes. The varied lengths give the lashes a "wispy" appearance, reminiscent of the natural variation in our lashes. It's a great choice for those who want a unique, textured look without going too heavy. The best part is that you can play around with length application and see what works best for your client and the look they’re going for.

      LASH SAFETY TIP: Even when you’re aiming for a very wispy set, you should take into consideration whether the length of the lash extensions are safe for the natural lashes. If you’re going longer than 3mm more than the natural lash, pick a thinner diameter so that the lashes aren’t being weighed down by the longer lashes.

      a graphic depicting a set of wispy hybrid lashes

      Textured Hybrid Lashes

        Textured lashes are somewhat similar to wispy lashes, but they’re a little bit more on the rebellious side. If you think of wispy lashes as being akin to Angel Lashes, and textured lashes as being more like a Wet Look lash set, that should help you to differentiate between the two. 

        Textured lashes are achieved by using a mix of different lash curls, diameters, and lengths, which helps you to create a multi-dimensional look that adds intrigue and depth. 

        When you’re applying hybrid lashes, you’re generally going to be using different thicknesses, for example, 0.07 for your fans and 0.15 for the classic lashes. When you’re creating a textured look though, you can mix together some 0.07 lash fans, some 0.15 classics, and then some 0.20 flat lashes to craft some extra eye-catching spikes.

        Mega Volume Hybrid Lashes

          For those who want maximum impact, mega volume hybrid lash extensions are the answer. This is an easy way to add spikes and texture into your set as well, and they give you room to be creative. 

          Fluffy mega volume lashes are made using 0.03 - 0.05 lash extensions. For the best results, we have to plug our mega volume lash tweezers which have the grip you need to control those larger fans, and also have much finer tips than your average pair of volume lash tweezers, which means that you’ll have an easier time seeing what you’re doing!

          As mega volume fans are much more dense and dark than your average volume set, you’re likely to want to use thicker classic lashes to complement them – to ensure the safety of the natural lashes, it’s best in this case to use flat lash extensions. Take a look at this blog post if you want to know more about flat lashes and why they’re really good to have on hand. 

          a graphic depicting a set of mega volume hybrid lashes

          Lastly, when it comes to mega volume hybrid lashes, if you’re looking for a wispier finish, try using easy fan lashes which have a mixture of lengths on each strip, giving you texture effortlessly!

          Hybrid lashes are super versatile and perfect for unleashing creativity(though volume lashes are also pretty versatile). Whether your client wants a subtle, natural look or a dramatic, show-stopping appearance, there's a hybrid style to suit their needs. As with all lash extensions, it's essential to ensure proper aftercare to maintain the beauty and longevity of the lashes, so be sure to book your client in for theirlash fill appointment so that they can keep their lashes looking good and fresh!