How Combining Extreme L Curl Lashes with Three Variations on a Classic Cat Eye Lash Map Will Make Your Clients Swoon!

Breaking News! There’s a brand new curl on the block! She’s bold, she’s daring, and truth be told, she can be a little bit daunting to work with at the beginning. So what are L Curl lash extensions, and how can you include them in your lash sets to really get the best out of them? Let’s see… 

What Are L Curl Lash Extensions?

L Curl lashes have been a market staple for quite a while now, along with their equally dramatic bestie M curl lashes. Each of these types of lash have a slightly flatter base than your average lash curl, and then angle upwards, giving a lift to downward growing lashes and taking wet look lash sets to new levels. 

What Are Extreme L Curl Lashes?

Extreme L Curl takes that upward flick to new heights by having a wider and more obvious angle to them. Their bases are completely flat and they have a 130º angle, which makes a regular L Curl lash look pretty understated in comparison. They're part of our Mayfair faux mink lashes range, in 0.07 with lengths ranging from 4mm all the way up to 13mm.

Extreme L-Curl Lashes are especially good for clients with hooded eyes, monolid eyes, or even your more mature clients who might have a little extra skin around the eyes, as that flat base and upward flick keep the ends of the lashes away from the brow bone and eyelids, meaning that they're visible, without being annoying for your client.

a graphic comparing l curl lashes with extreme l curl lashes

How to Fan Extreme L Curl Lashes

At first glance, these look tricky to work with – we get it! They’re a far cry from your standard C and CC curl lashes where appearances are concerned, and they do take a little bit of getting used to.

TOP TIP! When working with shorter lashes, try using Mega Volume Lash Tweezers – while these lashes are 0.07, so will only be used for fans up to 5D, the much finer tips of the Mega Volume Tweezers will make it much easier for you to see what you’re working with, and will give you far more control over the width of the fan and how tidy your bases are.

a close up of a strip of extreme l curl lashes on a palette, showing the angle of their curl

Before you start using this curl on a client, grab a strip of your extreme L Curl lashes in a length that you typically find easy to work with and make a few practice fans to get the hang of them – it won’t take long at all to master them, but it will give you the confidence you need to really slay your lash sets! Speaking of styling…

Extreme L Curl Styling Tips

Show-stopping curls should be used for show-stopping styles. Due to their unique, dramatic and impressive shape, they lend themselves extremely well to a Cat Eye lash map. If you’re not yet well versed in how to map a Cat Eye style, check out this blog post where we’ve gone into comprehensive detail. If you’re already a connoisseur of the Cat Eye, read on to take it to a whole new level.

Fox Eye Lash Map

A Fox Eye Lash Map – also known as an Extreme Cat Eye in some circles – is a more dramatic variation of a classic Cat Eye. It has the longest lengths toward the outer corner, just like your average Cat Eye lash map, but it takes the longer lengths a bit further out, making for a more dramatic look. 

a fox eye lash mapping guide

To map a Fox Eye lash map, start by marking out the first and last lash and dividing that into two, as you would with any basic lash mapping style. Now you’re going to map in a similar way to how you’d map a Cat, but that longest section is going to be one over from where it would be on a Cat Eye lash map. 

Alternatively, you can simply have a wider section for your longest lashes, as long as they’re going further across the eye than a Cat Eye lash map would.

Eyeliner Effect Lashes

If you haven’t yet created a set of eyeliner effect lashes, you’re going to LOVE this. Your clients will too, of course – it’s a stunning style! 

Eyeliner effect lashes look the nicest when you use shorter lengths for the most part, as it gives you a really stunning and gradual build-up to your longer lengths whilst creating lashes that imitate the look of eyeliner.

a digital drawing showing an eyeliner effect lash map

The key to an eyeliner effect is three-fold:

  1. Use short lengths from the inner corner just past the center, gradually sweeping into those longer lengths towards the outside of the eye
  2. Use softer curls for those shorter lengths and merge them gradually into your more dramatic curls to really give the extreme L curls their moment in the spotlight. The soft curls in shorter lengths will even look lovely on downward or straight growing lashes, so you’ll still get the full effect of the style
  3. Map wider sections for those shorter lengths so that they sweep into the longer lengths and make for a really impressive flick.
eyeliner effect lashes using extreme l curl lashes

Arrow Lashes

If you haven’t heard of this style yet, don’t worry – it’s a newly emerging style which is sure to set pulses racing!

Arrow Lashes are a more extreme variation of a Fox Eye Lash Style and are similar to an eyeliner effect. The trick here is to have wide sections with short lashes and soft curls, and then very narrow sections with longer lengths, which essentially means that they form a point, hence the name. The result of this is so eye-catching and super impressive, and this style will really show off those extreme L Curl lashes! 

a digital drawing showing an arrow lash map

STYLE TIP: Like with M curl lashes and L curl lashes, extreme L curl lashes are a great curl to use for those really striking wet look lash sets to give your clients all sorts of texture, and that head-turning effect they’re after. 

arrow effect lash extensions
This stunning lash set is by the incredible Aisha Jagieva

Extreme L Curls might not be for everyone – they are bold, dramatic, and pretty unusual which means they are not for the faint of heart, but are for those who want to stand out and make a bold statement. For clients who prefer a more natural look, you might want to consider a more universally flattering curl like CC curl, which suits pretty much anyone and everyone.Ultimately, it all comes down to your client’s personal preference and the look you're going for.For those clients who do favor a bold look though, these will be an absolute game changer!