Black Friday Deals Are on the Horizon. Here’s What You Can Do to Prep Ahead of Time…

Black Friday 2024 is fast approaching, and if you’ve not experienced a Black Friday lash sale before you’re in for a real treat! Of course, Black Friday sales are put in place primarily with you, the Lash Technician, in mind. We’ve gone into a bit more detail aboutBlack Friday prices in this blog post, just in case you had concerns about the discounts being so much higher than in a general sale; but just to cover it quickly so that you can get to prepping, London Lash Black Friday sale prices are designed to help you try out some new things or stock up on your business essentials without it feeling like a high-risk investment or a huge outlay. 

There are few things worse than getting your haul of products and then not liking them, or not being able to use them up in time (though our Customer Service team will of course do their best to help you out!), so for you and other Lash Techs just like you all over Canada, it makes sense to grab some things you’ve seen on social media or heard other Lash Technicians talk about without the full price tag. If you don’t like it, you can chalk it up to experience. If you do like it, then you’ve essentially got higher profit margins for your lash extension treatments, or a little buffer if you decide to do your own holiday specials for new or existing clients.

So that you can really make the most out of the Black Friday deals, take a look at some of our top tips for shopping the Black Friday sales below; this isn’t our first rodeo, and we’ve learned a thing or two over the years!

Grab Some Samples

It’s always a good idea to start with samples where you can, but in the lead-up to Black Friday sales, it’s especially worth getting samples so that you know what you like when the time comes, and you’re able to make a more informed decision about what it is that you’d like to stock up on. 

Admittedly, we don’t have samples of absolutely everything we have on offer, so some things you might want to try may be full-sized only, but they’ll have a lovely discount anyway, so it’s hardly a loss. Samples we do have though…

Eyelash Extensions Samples

Knowing which type of eyelash extensions you might like best is a tricky thing to navigate – our Mayfair Faux Mink Lashes and our Chelsea faux silk range are pretty similar all told, but they do have their differences, and those differences can really change whether you love using them, or think they’re just okay. 

sample box of chelsea faux silk eyelash extensions

Now is a really good time to grab a sample of each of our different types of lash extensions, if this is something that you’re interested in so that you have time to really get to know them.

Once you know, stocking up on single length trays of the lengths that you use the most is good practice – this works out cheaper in the long run, but if you’re saving money on them anyway you’re doing yourself a massive favor when it comes to pleasing your clients, as you will always have the lashes you need to be able to create the looks that they want.

Looking for something lighter? Try out our Brown Lashes – they’re a deep, rich Americano-toned lash extension that just soften up any lash look, so if your client is looking for a softer, more natural look from their lash extensions, these will make them very happy! 

What About Lashes We Don’t Have Samples For?

This is where your mixed length trays come in! Mixed length lash trays come in lengths of 8-13mm generally speaking – some variants start at 7mm, and some go up to 14mm – you’ll see the lengths in the variant name when you’re selecting the lashes you want, so you’ll know what to expect. 

A mixed length tray of lash extensions will set you back somewhere in the region of $30, gives you the opportunity to try out the lashes over more treatments, and will also help you determine which lengths you use the most if you’re not sure yet.

a digital depiction of a doll eye lash mapping style
STYLING TIP: We recommend using at least 5 lengths in your lash maps to give you the nicest shape and the smoothest transition between lengths, as shown in this Doll Eye Lash Mapping Style.

The other beauty of mixed lengths is that you can get some mixed length lash trays in the types of eyelash extensions that you don’t use a lot, but like to have on hand if your client comes in wanting a new style that you’re not typically stocked up for. It would be wise to take advantage of the Black Friday 2023 sales and stock up on those lashes in particular. 

HAVE YOU CONSIDERED… As the dust settles after the rush that are Black Friday sales, you begin to hear the jingling of Christmas bells… Or maybe that’s your text alert tone as many thousands of clients try to get booked in for their Christmas and NYE lashes. This is a good time to take a look at colored lash extensions – what time could possibly be better for trying out a set of color lash extensions than Christmas and New Year? On a similar level, when you’re very busy you might benefit from adding in some premade lash fans to save you a little time on your volume lash sets and your hybrid lashes. 

Liquid Samples

In addition to lash samples, you could try out our Booster and Superbonder – these are staples in a lot of lash techs’ eyelash extension kit, but they do have a slightly higher price point so can be a little bit of a daunting prospect if you’re trying to assemble your lash extension kit on a budget. 

London Lash Superbonder being applied to a completed lash set

To get to know more about Booster and Superbonder in direct comparison with one another, check out this blog post. Or, for a really deep dive into the inner workings of both, take a look at this post all about Booster, or this post all about Superbonder.

Lash Extensions Glue Samples

Finding the right lash extension glue is tough – there are so many available and so many variables to consider in the first instance, and then if you get it wrong the results can be pretty disastrous! 

To avoid issues with your lashes sticking together, leaning to the side after being placed, or falling out as you brush through them at the end of the treatment, take a quick look at this blog post about finding the best glue for you, and then grab a couple of samples of the glues you think would suit you best. Once Black Friday 2023 rolls around, you can grab a couple of bottles of your fave, and be stocked up for the busy holiday season! 

Under Eye Patch Samples

Eye Patches might not be super high on your list of must-have lash items, but if you haven’t tried them before now’s a good time to give them a go. Sure, you can use tape to hold down the bottom lashes, but eyepatches are generally more comfortable for your clients (unless they’re allergic to the gel, in which case definitely stick with tape!) as they have a cooling gel coating on the underside which doesn’t pull at the lashes as you remove them like tape can. Not to mention, that cooling sensation is just a nice part of an already relaxing treatment. Plus, eyepatches provide you with the perfect surface for drawing out your lash maps, so are well worth at least trying out!

With so much choice and so many products, it can feel a little overwhelming to try and figure out what you want when you’re shopping in a sale. By trying out some samples ahead of time, this will be a really low-risk way of trying out products you’re not too sure about, and then you can grab things you know you love with heavy discounts when those Black Friday Deals are announced!

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