The Truth About Black Friday Prices – No, It's NOT Usually Overpriced!

Black Friday rolls around every year with discounts bigger, better and flashier than the last. How is it possible that a bottle of Flexie lash glue could be discounted SO highly? Is it old? Is it usually overpriced? We’re here to give you the truth about Black Friday prices once and for all!

It's Not (All) About Profits

Sure, any business engaging in Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales will be looking to make some profits, otherwise it’s just not a sustainable business model. But Black Friday is as much about attracting new customers as it is catering to our long-standing, well loved customers.

When we set Black Friday prices, we’re thinking about helping all those long-time, loyal customers get stocked up for their busiest time of the year - Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving are right around the corner and every lash tech in the western world is about to be fully booked. 

These discounts benefit you in three ways:

  • Increased profitability as each lash set will cost you such a small amount
  • You don’t have to set aside time to place another order when you could be lashing
  • You can offer new clients an introductory discount and not lose your profit margins

We’re also setting Black Friday prices with potential customers in mind - those who are just starting out and aren’t sure which brand or which products in particular are right for them, those who are looking for a change, or those who just stumble upon us by accident when they’re looking for the best deals. 

Lower prices means less of a risk - if they don’t like something, if it doesn’t live up to their expectations - it’s less scary spending less on something than it is spending loads. (That being said, if something doesn’t amaze you, we have a lovely customer service team who want the very best for you, and a very fair returns policy!)

Basically, it makes tonnes of business sense for customers and companies to have these low prices for a short period of time.

Are the Products on Sale Old?

The only things which aren’t super fresh are things like tweezers, which have no expiry date. Things like lash glue which are a little bit more fussy when it comes to how long they sit on a shelf are ordered in FRESH.

Each month, we receive a new batch of glue so that when you place an order at ANY time of year, your glue has at least 4 months of life in it before being opened. For Black Friday, we order in far more than in any normal order just to make sure we have enough for everyone to get what they need, and to make sure it’s as fresh as it possibly can be.

To check the date of production on any of our glues and liquids, take a look at the bottom of the bottle. The date there is the date that the product was produced, so the shelf life is from that date. 

We put together a little guide to buying perishables which might help you, if you’re not sure about the shelf lives of certain products.

Are London Lash Products Usually Overpriced?

Nope. Here’s the thing, you can order lash supplies from eBay and Amazon for lower prices, but the fact of the matter is that these products are not put through the same level of quality control that similar products go through when they are supplied by a reputable brand. They may not be regulated, they may not promise longevity, they won’t cover you if you encounter any issues, and they may not be safe for your clients. 

Aside from quality control (of which there is a lot, by the way) you have to consider the cost of the product, the cost of the packaging, the cost of shipping; the design team’s time, the marketing team’s time, the warehouse operatives’ time, and loads more factors, so looking at the price of any given product and comparing that to what you can get on a site like Amazon is a bit like comparing a Formula 1 car to a go cart made from cardboard boxes. 

Sale prices at any given time are less about profits and more about helping out customers - they’re about generating a buzz around a product and just giving people the chance to try things they’re a little nervous about trying at full price. 

Wherever else you shop this Black Friday, you can be confident in the knowledge that your lash supplies are going to be the same high quality, super fresh supplies you’ve come to expect from us!