Are Cheap Lash Tweezers Worth It? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Getting Your Lash Tweezers From A Reputable Lash Brand

While there are some things we can understand people stocking up on in bulk from cheaper sites like eBay or Amazon, we simply can’t let you do the same with your tweezers! This isn’t for our benefit, by the way, just know that we’ve made mistakes early on in our lash careers so that you don’t have to! Before you scroll away under the assumption that this is a post designed just to get you to buy lash tweezers from us only, let us go over our 4 top reasons that buying tweezers from a lash extensions supplier is always a better idea!

Reason 1 - Quality Control 

Each and every pair of tweezers that arrives in our warehouse gets checked first on a visual level by our Goods In team - they’re checking to make sure the tips of the tweezers aren’t bent and are not blunt and that there is no tarnishing. They’re also making sure that both prongs of the tweezers are the same thickness, and are as sturdy as they’re supposed to be - flimsy tweezers won’t pick up lash extensions, let alone separate stickies.

Next, every pair of volume tweezers is tested by our Master Lash Techs to make sure they are capable of creating and picking up volume fans of all sizes, with lashes of all thicknesses and using different techniques. 

volume lash tweezers


Reason 2 - Hand Finishing 

All London Lash tweezers are finished by hand to ensure that they are as sharp as they are supposed to be, and have the right level of grip. While the main shape is punched out by a machine, the insides of the lash extensions tweezers are filed to ensure grip, and the outside is polished to ensure they look as great on your lash trolley as you would expect them to. 

Reason 3 - Cheap Does Not (Always) = Good

There’s a reason that lash tweezers from lash extensions suppliers are priced the way they are, and that’s because they are guaranteed to be great! Not only are they hand tested and quality controlled before they even go on sale, we give them one final visual once-over and a thorough clean before they come to you. 

When you purchase cheap tweezers from a bulk website, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility that your tweezers will have imperfections and you won’t be able to work with the accuracy needed when you’re a lash tech - this will of course be frustrating for you as the tech but it can lead to all sorts of issues for your client too. 

volume tweezers for eyelash extensions


Reason 4 - If Your Tools Aren’t Top Notch, You’re Going to Have A Bad Time

To follow on from the last point (just to show you that we’re not using dramatic), when your tweezers aren’t behaving properly it makes your work take longer, it’s harder to separate stickies and you’ll have issues picking up extensions. When you buy tweezers from a lash extensions supplier, you not only guarantee that those tweezers will be super high quality, but you ensure that you will get great support and advice in the super unlikely event that your tweezers aren’t as perfect as you expect them to be. 

All in all, just because you can purchase tweezers for super low prices does not mean that you should. If you’re keen to try out some tweezers that seem a bit on the pricey side, consider purchasing them in sale periods when they are discounted, for example in Black Friday sales. This means that you can guarantee perfect quality, but you’re not having to spend more than you want to!