A Guide to Planning Your Restocks | How to Stock up Without Overstocking

A well stocked lash technician is a well prepared lash technician – having all of the lashes you could possibly need on hand is always a good idea as it means that you are always ready to create any lash map your client might ask you for, and making sure you're well stocked with all of your eyelash extension pre-treatment means you won't get caught short during the preparation phase of any lash appointment.

That being said, it is really easy to get carried away when placing your lash orders, which could just end up seeing you with more products than you can use up while they’re at their best. Being overstocked can be very expensive in the long run, and can lead to poor lash extension retention and unhappy clients.

So, how can you go about fully restocking your lash kit, without overstocking on your lash supplies?


Anything that doesn’t have a use-by date is fair game, though keep in mind that you'll still need to store things properly to ensure you get the best out of them. Lashes won't lose their curl over time unless you leave them somewhere very hot, and eyelash extension tweezers will be just as happy 3 years down the line as they were the day you bought them, as long as they're kept somewhere dry.

Eyepatches do have an expiry date, but they're single-use and last for 2-3 years from their date of production, so those are also safe to stock up on. Tapes may lose their stickiness after a very long time, but as they're used for every set, and in multiple ways, having a couple extra rolls is fine. 

Like with lashes, tapes and eyepatches should be kept somewhere on the cooler side, as higher temperatures will cause them to dry out.

microfoam tape for eyelash extensions | London Lash Canada


All of your liquid products will have a use by date, so you'll need to check the date of production on the bottom of the bottle (lash glues also have the DOP stamped on the aluminum pouch that they arrive in) to be sure you know when they will need to be used by.

Keep in mind as well that liquids have two different dates to keep in mind – the time it should be used from production, and the time it should be used from opening.

Using products after this time has passed doesn't make them dangerous for your clients, but it does mean that they may not be as effective as they should be, which will lead to poor lash retention. 

You know better than anyone how quickly you get through your stock, so use the below guide to figure out how many of each product it's worth stocking up on at a time.

Eyelash Extension Pre-Treatment

We all need pretreatment - it’s fundamental to ensuring great retention, but how long can you use your Cleanser and Primer before they stop doing what they’re supposed to?

each product from the 5 step eyelash extensions pre-treatment routine arranged in a row in their order of use | London Lash Canada

Lash Shampoo

Foaming cleanser for lash extensions has a pretty long shelf life. These are available as individual units to be used as pretreatment, or in packs of 9 for you to retail to your clients to use as their aftercare. If a client is cleaning their lashes every day with this lash shampoo, it will last them around 3 months so will be well within its shelf life the whole time they're using it.

Shelf life unopened: 24 Months 

Shelf life from opening: 12 Months

Protein Remover Pads

We talk about how much we love these all the time. If you haven't used them before we highly recommend you give them a go! Find out what we love about these in this blog post all about our underrated faves.

Shelf life unopened: 24 Months

Shelf life from opening: 6 Months

Cleanser (Unscented)

Lash Cleanser is alcohol based and strips all oils, makeup and skincare residue, and anything else on the lashes from the lashes. It's an essential part of eyelash extension pre-treatment.

Shelf life unopened: 18 Months

Shelf life after opening: 6 Months

Cleanser (Scented)

If you want to give your clients an extra touch of luxury, you can get the same intensive cleanse with an added fruity scent – choose between cherry or coconut!

Shelf life unopened: 18 Months

Shelf life from opening: 8 Months

Primer (Scented and Unscented)

Lash Primer is an absolute must after the use of Cleanser, as it rehydrates the lashes and gives your lash glue the perfect surface to bond with. Find out everything you need to know about Cleanser and Primer in this blog post.

Shelf life unopened: 18 Months

Shelf life from opening: 8 Months


Every Lash Tech's holy grail product – increase retention times, or use Booster to prevent your volume lash fans from closing. 

Shelf life unopened: 18 Months

Shelf life from opening: 3 Months


Superbonder is a lash sealant, which means it cures your lash glue at the end of treatment, locking in fumes and keeping your glue bonds flexible.

Shelf life unopened: 24 Months

Shelf life from opening: 3 Months

You can find out more about Booster and Superbonder in this blog post.

Lash Extension Removal Products

Like it or not, removing eyelash extensions is sometimes necessary. As you're unlikely to use them super often, we recommend only getting one at a time.

Gel Remover

Gel lash extension remover is fast acting, and best used for removing individual lashes during infills. While it can be used to remove full sets, we don't recommend using it unless you're highly experienced, as it can run into the eyes if you're not careful.

Shelf life unopened: 18 Months

Shelf life from opening: 8 Months

A stylised photo of eyelash extension removal products | London Lash Canada

Cream Remover

Cream lash extension remover is easy to see and easy to apply, with no chance of running into the eyes. 

Shelf life unopened: 12 Months

Shelf life from opening: 6 Months

Last but not Least: Lash Extension Glue

Lash extension glue is as fundamental to eyelash extensions as the lashes themselves. Our glue is always fresh so you will always have at least 4 months to use your glue from the day that you purchase it – check the DOP stamped on the bottom of the bottle and/or on the aluminum pouch that your glue arrives in to ensure you know when you need to use your glue by.

TOP TIP: Whenever you open a bottle of lash glue, stick a piece of tape to the bottle and write the date on it. You'll then be able to keep track of when to open a new bottle super easily.

Shelf life unopened: 6 months

Shelf life from opening: 2 months

You know better than anyone how much glue you can safely get through, but we recommend never buying more than you can get through within 4 months, and be sure to store it perfectly to keep it fresh. 

Stocking up on products saves you money on shipping, and saves you time on placing orders so that you can put more time into other areas of your business, but always be sure that you aren't stocking up on more than you can use up within each product's respective shelf life.