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Pre-treatment Cleanser 15ml

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Having problems with retention? 

Try London Lash Cherry eyelash extensions Cleanser:

- the most essential product in your pre-treatment range. 

- cleanses natural lashes, removing oils, proteins and traces of make-up ensuring excellent retention 

- Use BEFORE Primer for best results

- “dropper/pipette” cap helps to control the amount of product used

- luxurious scent 

- stylish and recyclable glass packaging 

- Cruelty-free 

- Paraben, Gluten, Collagen and Guanine free

- 15ml bottle 

How to Use: 

  • Either apply a drop of the eyelash cleanser directly to the micro brush OR add a drop of cherry cleanser onto a glue stone and dip microfibre brush into it. Wipe off any excess product as necessary. 
  • With the help of a second microfibre brush, “sandwich” the natural lashes between the two brushes and gently wipe the natural lashes from root to tip, paying close attention to the roots.
  • Repeat throughout the lash line on both eyes.
  • For best results, prime the lashes after using the lash cleanser to balance the moisture and help your lash glue to work faster. 

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