How to Get the Best Bargains in the Black Friday Sale, With Almost No Effort!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the fact London Lash’s upcoming Black Friday sale is exclusively online means that you won’t have any queues to beat or any prep you’d need to do ahead of time, but we’ve seen lash techs miss out on their faves before due to this exact line of thinking, which we’d hate to happen to you. Luckily for you, we’ve missed out before so you don’t have to and have compiled some of our top tips to ensure that you’ll get everything you want without any hiccups this Black Friday!

Create an Account 

The first thing we’d encourage you to do is to create an account on the London Lash website. Don’t worry - we won’t contact you with marketing stuff unless you tell us you want us to (though between you and me, it’s good to sign up for the mailing list so that you know when exactly to expect the sale to go live, there’s every chance we’ll be dropping some hints in the days before…) 

The reason for creating an account is twofold - firstly, you’ll be able to input your delivery details so that you can check out even faster when the time comes, and secondly your basket will be saved, which brings us to our next point…

Add to Cart

One thing we’d highly recommend is creating a list of everything you need (and everything you’ve been meaning to try) ahead of time, and building your basket before the sale goes live. That means that when you come back to the website later on you can go straight through to the checkout, ensuring you’re not missing out on anything you wanted to snag at highly discounted rates! 

While we’ve never had an issue with the loading speeds of the website at the Black Friday launch despite the big influx of traffic, there was the time we sold out of Flexie twice during the BFCM sales so getting your order in as close to midnight as possible is advisable!

Make a List

This goes hand in hand with the last point, but making a list of all the stuff you need and want ahead of time will save you some time. Most commonly, people will be shopping for glue, lashes and pretreatment - given that there will be some really nice discounts on over BFCM, we’d recommend trying out some things you haven’t tried before - maybe there’s a glue that’s a better fit for you and your room conditions, or perhaps you’d like one collection of lashes more than another. This is also a good time to add some extra steps to your pretreatment if you’re not currently using the 5 step routine - lash retention is client retention, don’t forget.

Set Aside Some Time

While we’re on the subject of not leaving things off of your order, it’s worth noting that setting aside time is paramount to placing orders without missing off something vital - this goes for any time of year, obviously, and arguably missing something during BFCM sales means that the shipping on your second order or missing items is basically covered by the discounts - but there are few things that feel better than a single MASSIVE haul arriving at once, so why would you not want to get everything in one go? 

Meet Us At Midnight

Is this about getting in and out nice and fast? Yes it is, but it’s also about the buzz of it all! Black Friday sales going live at midnight is something of an event, and getting all caught up in the thrill of it is something we look forward to, and love sharing with you all! 

Stay up until midnight, check out all your goodies (maybe have one last sweep through the website in case anything else catches your eye) and then tag us in your Instagram story so that we can get excited about your lash haul with you!