Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Steals: Why Low Price Appeal DOESN'T Mean A Reduction in Your Lash Glue's Zeal!

Each time Black Friday / Cyber Monday roll around, we start getting questions about how fresh our glue really is. We're glad you ask – it means that you care about your clients' lash extension retention and the quality of what you're working with.

The good news is that our Black Friday deals aren't designed to shift stock we've been struggling to get rid of – we actually order fresh glue to be delivered as close to our Black Friday sale launch as we possibly can! Here's a complete lowdown, so that you can rest easy, knowing that your lash glue is going to be just as great as always!

three london lash glues in an airtight container which is laying on its side next to a bottle of lady bond lash glue

How Long Does London Lash Glue Last?

Before we get into it, it's worth recapping what 'fresh' even means when it comes to lash extension glue. Before opening, every lash glue has a shelf life of 6 months from its date of production (you may have seen this referred to as the DOP), which doesn't give us much wiggle room to get the glue from our shelves to yours, if you want to be able to use it and get any kind of results! 

To ensure you always have fresh glue, we get a new batch delivered every 4-8 weeks, so that at any given time that you order glue, you have a minimum of 4 months to use it. 

When Black Friday / Cyber Monday rolls around, we order extra glues to ensure that we don't run out before you've had a chance to stock up on your fave, or try out a glue you've been wondering about. 

If It's Fresh, Why is it so Cheap?

It's what Black Friday sales are known for – what they're anticipated for. We have special offers at various times through the year, but during Black Friday sales we LOVE heavily discounting items, because we love how excited Lash Techs just like you get about them! 

When we set our Black Friday / Cyber Monday prices, we're doing it with your business growth in mind, and with the idea that trying out a new brand can be expensive, and a little bit scary at any stage of your career – with prices being lower, you can try things out or stock up on your essentials without the risk, and without putting a big dent in your overheads. 

So It's Definitely Fresh?

Definitely! All you need to do to verify this is to check the DOP, which is printed on the bottom of the glue bottle, or on the aluminum pouch that your glue arrives in.

the bottom of a bottle of lash extension glue showing the date of production

To give you a better idea of the whole process from start to finish, here’s a rough timeline of the life of London Lash glue:

  1. Our team orders 1,000 bottles of lash extension glue
  2. Glue goes into production
  3. Quality Control: Is the glue behaving as it should? Is it the right consistency?  
  4. Glue is bottled, DOP stamped, sealed, and added to aluminum pouches along with silica gel packets. 
  5. Freshly bottled glues are divided into 3, and each group makes its way to either our UK, EU, or US warehouse.
  6. Glue arrives in our warehouse, where it is counted and spot checked for quality before being added to our online inventory so it's ready for you to order.
  7. You order your new glue, which our hard-working warehouse team pack and send to you with love.
  8. You receive your super fresh glue with plenty of time to use it all!


For some extra tips on checking and maintaining your glue's freshness, check out this article next, or if you still have questions, drop our Customer Care team a message!