Wispy Lash Mapping Styles Just Became Easier Than EVER! 

In a developing beauty industry full of creative geniuses, new lash mapping styles and trends are popping up all the time. One look that’s remained in the spotlight despite the seeming shift from clients craving fluffy mega volume to wanting a more natural wispy lash set is that wispiness itself – there’s a lot that we can do with lash extensions with regards to making them wispy, and like many things, what counts as wispy can differ from one client to the next.

To help you master any wispy or spiky lash set, we’ve added Premade Lash Spikes to our lash collection! If you’re not too sure how to use Premade Lash Spikes or even really what they are, we’re here to give you a full rundown, including a few of our fave lash mapping styles, in case you’re looking for some inspo! 

What Are Premade Lash Spikes?

Premade lash spikes are essentially a volume fan that hasn't been fanned out – in our case, they are 5 0.06 lashes which have a tiny amount of lash glue on the base to keep the spike together, and also on the tip to keep the spike nice and sleek, giving your lash sets that wispy look that all of our clients are craving at the moment. 

premade lash spikes eyelash extensions

Our trays of premade spikes are available in C, CC, and D curls, in mixed length boxes of 11 - 17mm so that they stand out from your lash sets – owing to the finer lashes being used, even the 17mm spikes are safe to use for the vast majority of clients, but you should still take this on a client by client basis and assess their lashes before proceeding with application. 

Why Use Premade Spikes?

Truth be told, it’s not too tricky to make your own fans – take some Lash Primer on a microfiber brush and just brush it along the tips of the volume lashes on the strip to help the tips stay together while you work. Then all you need to do is use your volume tweezers to take your spikes from the strip. There’s nothing at all wrong with doing it this way if that’s your preference, and you can also play around with slightly fanning out the spikes as well to get a bit of extra texture. 

making lash spikes with lash primer

That being said, Premade Lash Spikes save you a whole lot of time, they save you having to use your Lash Primer for purposes other than being part of the best lash prep routine ever, and they also save any guess work when it comes to ensuring that the size of the spike you’re using is safe. 

Lash Mapping Styles with Premade Lash Spikes

We mentioned in the intro that we’re an industry made up of creative geniuses, which means that with any type of lash that you use, you have all sorts of lash looks that you can create, from something very lightweight and natural, to stunning mega volume. When you opt for a slightly more unusual lash such as a premade lash spike, or even the effortlessly wispy Easy Fan Lashes, you can pretty much let your imagination be the only limitation on what you create.

With premade spikes, we recommend adding in some additional types of lashes – either classics, closed fans, or just some fluffy volume lashes depending on the type of look you’re trying to create. The reason for this is simply that with them starting at 11mm, they can be quite long to start off the inner corners with. Like we’ve mentioned, the weight of the spike itself is quite safe for the vast majority of natural lashes, but inner corner lashes tend to be even finer and shorter than the rest of the natural lashes, so it’s better to use shorter lash extensions there to be sure that they’re kept safe. 

a digital drawing of a doll eye lash map with premade lash spikes throughout the set

One other thing to consider is whether the lengths you’re using will be comfortable for your client – depending on the shape of their eyes and the prominence of their brow bone, lashes that are too long can end up tickling their brow bone, so always be sure when using longer lashes that they are not touching the eyelids so that your client is kept comfortable. Now, onto the inspo…

Wet Look Lashes

Ahh, Wispy Wet Look Lashes. The lash mapping style of our dreams! They add texture, they turn heads, they’re a sort of rebellion where lash application is concerned, and they are far easier to achieve than you might think. 

wet look lashes using premade lash spikes and flat lashes

Wet Look Lashes are created by using closed fans, which is why premade lash spikes are the perfect lashes to use for a Wet Set of lashes. All you really need to do for a wet look lash set is apply closed spikes throughout the lash set, though as we mentioned before, it’s worth adding in a couple of handmade spikes or even classic lashes to cover those inner corners at least. In the gif above, the premade spikes are mixed with some flat lashes. If you’d like a full rundown on how to create Wet Look Lashes, check out this blog post!

Kim K Lashes

Kim K Lashes were one of the first spiky lash sets that made it to the UK and European lash scene – they’re quite a uniformed version of a wispy lash set, which means that they appeal to those clients who love the very neat and even top line which is characteristic of the original Russian Volume lashing technique, but also appeal to the growing desire for lashes to be wispy and textured.

For a Kim K lash mapping style, choose any basic shape that will suit your client best, and then at very regular intervals add a spike which is 2-3 mm longer than the other lashes in that section of the map. 

kim k eyelash extensions

Manga Lashes

Manga Lashes are a kind of play on a Kim K lash mapping style, though they are – generally speaking – designed to be more dramatic, as they are inspired by characters in Anime’s lashes, which are long, doll-like and expressive. 

There are a few different ways to map out a set of Manga Lashes, but the main goal is to have 5-7 longer lash spikes throughout the eye, with either much shorter lashes in between them, or just with those spikes as the main feature. This second option is generally for clients who are having Anime Lashes applied to add to their lash looks for a Comic Con or similar, but there has been an increase in clients asking for them, just as a fun addition to their day-to-day look, so it’s worth offering! 

a digital drawing of a manga lash mapping style

For a complete guide to mapping and applying Manga Lashes, including an absolutely stunning set that will be sure to convert you to the Manga Lash look if you weren’t convinced just yet, check out this blog post!

Other Lashes to Mix with Premade Lash Spikes

When something’s only real rule is ‘be creative’, it can be very easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of possibilities and revert to using them in a very familiar way. Just to help you get out of any creative rut you might be in, we’ve put together a little list of other lashes you might enjoy mixing with premade lash spikes to create looks that are completely bespoke for your clients.

  • Easy Fan Lashes make a stunning accompaniment to premade lash spikes because they create a wispy look by nature. By adding in some premade lash spikes, you’re taking that wispy texture to a whole new level! For a Manga Lash set, try using shorter Easy Fan Lashes so that there is a lot of density close to the lash line.
  • Premade Lash Fans are an obvious choice because they allow you to create a more dense and wispy lash look very quickly due to them already being fanned for you. This is a really great pairing for those Kim K lash sets! 
  • Flat Lashes are similar to premade lash spikes, but they have a split tip which adds a little bit of fluff that softens the look a little bit too. Using these won’t slow you down at all because they’re another type of classic lash. 
  • Classic Lashesin 0.15 or 0.12 will be a gorgeous way to keep a lash set light with these – the spikes themselves aren’t super thick as they are, but they can really hold their own when added into a mega volume lash set. When combined with classic lashes, you get a beautiful wispy lash set with a little bit of drama being added by those premade lash spikes. It creates an interesting subversion on your average hybrid lash set (though it may not look like one, that’s technically what this would be classed as). 

And that’s the lowdown! There are so many other ways you could go about lashing with premade lash spikes and we’re excited to see what you create! Be sure to tag us in your lash sets on Instagram when you use these lashes so that we can get excited about your creativity with you!