Can You Charge More for a Volume Lash Extensions Set When You Use Premade Lash Fans?

How do you set your costs for an eyelash extension treatment? is a topic we are asked A LOT. Setting the rates for a set produced with Premade Fans is it any different?

When it comes to pricing your lash sets in general, let alone with products like premade fans, which can work out to be a little more expensive fan by fan but save you a lot of time, it can be extremely confusing. Well, like many other aspects of our job as lash technicians, it can vary quite a bit from salon to salon, region to region, etc., so how do you price them?

The first step is to determine the cost of each individual fan. I've already done this for you to save you time, but I'll explain how I did it in case you want to do it yourself or add it to the cost of your own treatment.

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Divide the price of a box of fans by how many fans  there are in the box. Once you have this, we'll multiply that number by 200 since our clients typically have this many lashes. We now have the price per treatment for ready-made fans.

3D (600 Fans) = $0.034 per fan = $6.80 per treatment

3D (1,000 Fans) = $0.040 per fan = $8.00 per treatment

4D = $0.058 per fan = $11.60 per treatment

5D = $0.062 per fan = $12.40 per treatment

6D = $0.068 per fan = $13.60 per treatment 

Simply add this to the price of the other items you'll be using to determine the cost. A you completed a 4D volume set with premade lash fans (mixed length trays) and you used Nano-Hydrogel Eyepatches, Lady Bond, and our 5 Step Pretreatment routine (bought separately). You’d be looking at a product cost in the region of $14.70

In addition to considering your product costs when determining the price of your sets, you also need to take into account:

  • Your expenses - If you haven't already, sit down and make a list of all of your monthly expenses. Then, divide that number by the number of days in a week or month. How many clients do you need to see in order to be able to pay your bills and collect a salary?
  • Your time - What is the value of your time? Increase your pricing if you've won an award or taken a lot of courses! Show off your awards and certificates in your workspace and/or on social media to let visitors know they are visiting someone who is unquestionably amazing.
  • Product costs - you must be able to cover what you use - if you start using more products (for example, switching from foam cleanser only to our full 5 step routine) and/or if your product quality improves (for example, switching from loose premade fans from eBay to premade fans you can trust to be as close to flawless as possible! ), it is in your best interest to raise your prices!
  • What are the costs of comparable treatments in your area? There are some arguments for and against region-based pricing, but as someone who has lived in both London and Bolton (Greater Manchester), I can confidently say that the majority of treatments cost more in London than they do even in central Manchester. It doesn't hurt to look into what neighbourhood salons are charging and use that as a starting point. You should charge what YOU are worth, so if you're operating at a higher price range, that's totally acceptable!

After considering this, take into account the fact that, despite taking less time, employing readymade fans allows you to charge more for a set. How frequently do you shell out a little bit extra for express shipping or speedy dry cleaning?