Invest in the Best: What Makes Glamcor Lights the Best Salon Lighting for Lash Technicians?

No matter how long you’ve been in the lash industry, you’ll know just how closely you have to focus on those tiny little details while you’re applying lash extensions. The biggest help to this is having really good, bright lighting. Not only are those lashes much clearer, but you can work for longer without experiencing discomfort! 

Lighting might seem like an unnecessary expense, especially when you’re first starting out and naturally have a tighter budget for your lash extensions supplies, but trust us when we tell you that good lighting is well worth the investment as early as possible in your lash career. So, what exactly is it about Glamcor Lights that make them the best of the best? Let us enlighten you…

Reliable Lights with a Good Warranty

First and foremost, they’re reliable lights. You know exactly what you’re getting, and you know that you can trust them. On the extraordinarily rare occasion that you do experience a fault with a Glamcor Light, their team are so helpful in helping you figure out the issue and resolving it!

Something not right? Glamcor Lights have a one year warranty from the date of purchase, and even after that point, the team will support you in fixing whatever fault might have arisen. If you bought a lamp from us and found something that’s not quite right, get in touch with our Customer Service team with your order number, and they'll be the middle-man to help you put it right!


One of the main plus points of a Glamcor Light is just how adjustable they are. Firstly, you have a lot of control over the height of your lamp thanks to the telescopic stand, but you can also position the luminaries wherever you want thanks to flexible arms, and light attachments that swivel (with the exception of the Glamcor Horizon). 

Being able to adjust your beauty light is so important for getting every single little thing lit perfectly.

In addition to being height and width adjustable, every Glamcor Light has a bunch or dimming stages, meaning that you can increase or decrease the brightness as and when needed.

a glamcor light attached to a table. this is a gif showing the five dimming stages of a glamcor light

Lots of Options

There are loads of options available to you, which means that you’ll never have to make do with a feature either being present that you didn’t want, or not there that you did. With choice can come uncertainty, though, so we put together a post breaking down the differences between each Glamcor Light, as well as one that narrows down the options into three handy categories so that you can make the most informed choice based on your specific needs.

Super Lightweight

Owing largely to that telescopic stand, Glamcor Lights are so unbelievably lightweight, which means that they’re not only a great choice for any Lash Technician working from home or from a salon, but for Mobile Lash Technicians too. 

With the exception of the Glamcor Horizon, all of the Glamcor Lights that we stock come with a carry case, which makes transporting them an absolute breeze. Take it from someone who put up and took down 50 or so lamps at Lash Battle 2023!

With that said…

Easy to Assemble

They are SO easy to put together and take down again. The top of the light just folds in on itself (or unfolds, if you’re putting it up), and you only need to put the stand at the height you want and tighten the hand-screws. Then, you’re ready to go!

The only lamp that might need a tiny bit of extra fiddling with is the Glamcor Multimedia X, which has a third arm with a phone holder attachment, which can be swapped out for a mirror, or a tablet attachment.

a glamcor multimedia with an iphone in the phone holder for demonstrative purposes

Prevent Eye Strain

This goes for having good lighting in general, but as we’ve touched on, Glamcor Lights have various dimming stages that allow you to up the brightness, or reduce it depending on what you need at any given moment. 

Straining to see the details in your work will wear you out, give you headaches, and require you to get closer to the lashes – not great where your posture or glue fume inhalation is concerned, let alone being potentially uncomfortable for your client. 

Great lighting is literally the difference between applying lashes like a pro, and hoping for the best. Signed, the person who used to check over case studies, and has seen some frankly astounding lighting setups in their time. 

Perfectly Lit Lash Photos

Lastly, and by no means least, great lighting helps you take great photos and videos of your work. Great lash photos mean more chances of potential clients finding you on socials, being impressed by your work, and wanting to book in with you as a result. 

Never underestimate the importance of great lash photography! If you’re looking for some tips and a fun new accessory to take your IG profile to the next level, check out this post next.

All in all, there’s so much value in having great lighting. While we would advocate for form over function, we’re glad to say that Glamcor seamlessly blends the two by bringing you both a cool aesthetic and a range of lights and accessories designed to perfectly illuminate each and every lash, no matter how small!