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Glamcor Reveal Light

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Are you a Beginner in the lash world, still looking for the Light kits for best beauty lighting? Wondering how do you set up a lash room and what's the best light for eyelash extensions? Look no further than the Glamcor Reveal Lamp!

When you start setting up your own beauty room, the obvious question is: What equipment do you need to do eyelash extensions? The main and most important piece of equipment is a great lamp. London Lash professionals always recommend using Glamcor light:

- the new Glamcor Reveal Light is a single and powerfully bright daylight lamp for a professional eyelash extensions treatment 

- Bright light will allow you to see every single lash, including blond lashes and baby lashes. 

- Ability to see every each lash will result in "clean" and safe treatment without "stickies" and excess of the glue. 

- does not cause eye strain during extended use

- Easy to attach to your beauty bed or a table next to your beauty bed. 

- Easy to adjust due to a completely moveable arm

- Incredibly lightweight and easy to carry, making it essential for the mobile technician.

- Cost-effective for beginners who want the BEST lighting in the lash game.

- the lamp gives bright and cool light with no colour distortion, providing perfect lighting for lash photos

- the perfect lamp for both salon and mobile technicians.

- 5 dimming settings. Least bright settings are perfect for placing eye pads. 

- lots of lash technicians are wondering - Do Glamcor lights work? Yes, they do! And they are known as the best of the best in the lash industry. 

Here are some extra technical characteristics of Glamcor light:

  • 5,600K Daylight LED panel provides the same light output as two panels.
  • The exploitation of diode lifetime is 20,000 hours.
  • 50% and 100% setting function of the brightness of the light makes it possible to select the perfect lighting for different times of day.
  • You can change the angle of the light and the LED panel rotates 360 degrees.
  • Clamp onto any shelf or table.
  • Lightweight: 2lbs/.9kg

With each lamp you will receive:

  • Fully flexible single LED luminary with power and two settings dimming
  • Table clamp accessory
  • Dual voltage power supply - 100-240V (works in all countries)
  • Black design, Exclusive to London Lash 

Had a problem with old Glamcor light flickering? The new Glamcor Revea light has a different type of bulbs, making sure your lighting is consistent and not flickering. 

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