Glamcor: The Gift That Keeps on Giving! 

Like any brand dedicated to solving problems faced by Lash Technicians, the team at Glamcor have branched out from just supplying the best studio lighting in the game and have put a lot of time into developing solutions that solve common issues that you might face on a daily basis that go further than just needing the best lighting. 

Issues like glue fumes causing you and your clients problems, not having much in the way of floor space, and giving your clients the best possible mirror to obsess over their stunning new lash sets in are three of the issues that the team at Glamcor have developed solutions for, which we’re willing to bet are going to turn out to be things that you didn’t even know you needed until now!

Universal Flat Base Stand

If you already have a Glamcor Light or if you’re thinking about getting one, you might be wondering how you can make it take up even less room in your workspace. As they come, Glamcor Lights are super lightweight and don’t take up a whole lot of space anyway, but if you’re working from home or if you have to share your lash space with another Lash Technician, space can very quickly become scarce.

Enter the Flat Base Stand from Glamcor, which—as the name suggests—is completely flat, and can be used for any Glamcor Light or even the Glamcor Flow (which we’ll introduce you to in a moment). The flat base means that it can be slid under your beauty bed or lash trolley, taking up even less of that precious space. 

Before you ask, yes: you can adjust the width of the standard Glamcor Lamp stand, but consider that the more narrow you make it, the less stable it becomes. With the Universal Flat Base Stand, you have the twin gifts of saved space and stability.

If you’re a mobile Lash Technician, this won’t necessarily be the best option for you as it doesn’t travel as easily as the standard Glamcor stands. However, if you lash from one space most of the time and travel to clients only sometimes, combining this with a Glamcor Reveal will give you the perfect marriage of easy transportation and super stable space-saving.

the glamcor flat base stand with the pole screwed in. the base is white with a shiny clear covering and the pole is matte silver. The adjustable part of the pole is shown at the top, but the pole is not extended

Glamcor Flow

If you have issues with eyelash extension glue fumes making your clients’ eyes red, or giving you headaches or respiratory issues, the Glamcor Flow will be your very best friend! 

Before you invest in this, it’s worth just making sure your room temperature and humidity levels aren’t contributing to having higher glue fumes, and that your clients’ eyes are properly closed during the treatment. The Glamcor Flow is an excellent tool for helping with ventilation, but it’s not a miracle worker.

As well as helping you to keep the air around you and your clients fresh and fume-free, the Glamcor Flow clamps onto your beauty bed or trolley, meaning that it takes up absolutely no floor space. You can, of course, pair it with a Universal Flat Base Stand if you want it to be more permanent while still being moveable within your workspace, but in terms of being easy to set up, store, and transport, it’s one of the absolute best fan systems in the lash world!

a glamcor flow attached to a beauty bed with the fans facing the camera

Not A Fan? If you’re looking for something more compact than a Glamcor Flow, try a Mini Cooli Lash Fan. It’s a handheld fan that is perfect for blowing away lash glue fumes at the end of a treatment, has three fan speeds, and is rechargeable.

Riki Skinny

Okay, this is more of an added extra that is absolutely about aesthetics, but having stocked Riki Skinny mirrors from Glamcor for about five years now, we think they deserve a lot more love! 

A Riki Skinny is a cute little mirror with LED lights around the edges. This helps your client to see their brand-new lashes in all their glory at the end of a treatment, especially if you’ve added some colored lash extensions to the set, as these can be difficult for clients to see when they first open their eyes, given that they’ve had a bright light shining through their eyelids for anything up to 3.5 hours.

Handing a client a Riki Skinny enhances their experience, and also allows you to get perfectly lit client photos and selfies. When you’re not using it, prop it up anywhere you like with its built-in stand.

The Riki Skinny also comes with a magnifying mirror attachment and a magnetic phone holder that helps you place your phone directly onto the mirror’s surface. Thus, you can use it to create content without taking up any additional space with tripods or an additional lighting setup.

glamcor riki skinny mirror with a phone attached

Not Lighting Up Your Life? Take a look at our Eye Shaped Mirror instead. It’s a cute way to get clients’ after photos, and it comes with its own stand so that it can look cute in your workspace when you’re not using it.

All in all, while these accessories may not seem as essential to the smooth running of your lash extensions business as a Glamcor Light, they are designed to solve issues you may face and to make your day-to-day lashing life a little easier. 

Not sure which Glamcor Light is the one for you? Take a look at this blog post next, where we’ve broken down the lamp selection based on three criteria!