Running A Business is Rarely Picture Perfect, But Your Lashes Can Be!

Like it or not, we’re in the digital age. That means that a business’ social media and general online presence can be the difference between whether they sink or swim. London Lash’s Founder, Hanna Putjato made a name for herself as a Lash Technician by posting photos of her work on Instagram, and from there, she went on to train other Lash Techs from all over the world, eventually founding London Lash and growing it into the brand you know today. 

Here are some of our tips and product recommendations to help you take your social media game to the next level!

Tip 1: Get Clear Shots

This one can’t be overstated enough. Nothing ruins a shot like being out of focus or having a big smudge on the lens. Whether you’re taking stationary photos of your lash sets, or you’re filming videos to show off your skills and technique, you need to make sure your shots are CLEAR. 

Top Tip 1: Wipe your camera lens to get rid of dust, smudges, and fingerprints

Top Tip 2: If you’re filming or photographing a lash set, touch the screen where you want the focus to be

Top Tip 3: Ensure you have great lighting to really show the details of your work.

Product Recommendation: Glamcor Horizon

This is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing Glamcor Light. It provides the perfect light distribution thanks to its curved luminary, has five brightness settings, and also comes with a built-in phone holder, so you can go hands-free on your lash content and focus on getting the greatest shots! 

You can read more about the Glamcor Horizon in this blog post, or you can shop for it here.

a glamcor horizon being switched on with its remote control

Tip 2: Make It Eye Catching

Being in a niche industry, it’s easy to fall into a habit of creating the same content over and over. While the popular ways to show off lash sets are popular for a reason, there’s a lot to be said about changing the way you display your work. 

Something as simple as using a macro lens can change up the way your feed looks and can make your content more appealing to potential clients who are looking for a new Lash Technician.

Product Recommendation: Clip-On Lens

This is a super easy accessory to use and just brings a fresh aspect to your lash photos by giving you the ability to get up close and personal with those tiny little details. The only phone camera that it doesn't work well with is those that are positioned in the center of the phone’s back; otherwise, it’s as easy as clip, focus, and shoot! 

If you’re using a phone that has more than one camera on the back, select the camera you’ll be using and then adjust or reposition the lens as you need to.

TOP TIP: When you clip your lens onto your camera, get the shot in focus and then zoom in for an even closer photo! 

a macro lens being used to photograph eyelashes

Tip 3: Create a Brand Identity

We’ll be honest, this is a little bit less important these days than it used to be owing to Instagram favoring Reels over still images where the algorithm is concerned, but don’t let that deter you from having a cohesive brand identity. You can still choose the cover of your video, which means that you have some control over what your actual profile looks like. 

One easy way to add a touch of your brand identity into your videos and photos (as well as having a logo, of course) is to use one color (or even color palette) consistently throughout your content and in your salon too. 

Product Recommendation: LED Light

Something as simple as an LED light can help you to create brand consistency, simply by giving you access to a huge range of lighting options and colors

This is a great choice just for helping you get the perfect lighting for your lash photos, but the additional color options can add a little something extra to your lash photos and videos that will give you an edge over your competitors!

Tip 4: Think Outside the Box

There’s a good reason that the majority of lash photos look like this:

a set of angel lashes

But consider that mixing things up a bit where angles or even perspective are concerned can catch the eye and get people interested in your work in a sea of similar images.

Product Recommendation: Medium Lash Mirror

This is a really great tool to have on hand so that you can avoid chemical burns in the eyes,  ensure that your extensions are looking good and full from underneath, and not be caught out when your client opens their eyes at the end of a treatment, but they also make for some interesting lash photography too. 

As well as aesthetics, this provides you with an opportunity to show potential clients how you’ll be looking after their lashes and ensuring that they get a flawless set!

a lash tech using a mirror to check eyelash extensions

Looking for something a little bigger? Take a look at the Riki Skinny Mirror which has LED lights around the edge so that your clients' lash selfies can be flawlessly lit!

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