Shedding Light on Stickies and Broadening Your Photography Horizons: Introducing the Brand New Glamcor Light 

As a Lash Tech, great lighting is super important. Not only does it prevent you from getting eye strain while you work, it also helps you to avoid common issues like stickies in your lash sets as it illuminates those tiny baby lashes you might otherwise struggle to see. With the launch of the Horizon Light from Glamcor, we thought it was a great time to take a look at exactly why having a great light to lash with will benefit you, your business, and your clients! 

Why Do You Need Great Lighting?

We’ll touch on content in a while, because great lighting is the difference between mediocre lash photos and outstanding lash photos, but more importantly, great lighting actually helps to maintain your eye health. 

You’ll know as well as anyone that applying eyelash extensions requires hours of staring at tiny little lashes and applying lash extensions with pinpoint accuracy, not to mention checking for and separating stickies at the end of your set. The right lighting will make this so much easier, and will prevent your skills declining toward the end of the way when your eyes start getting tired and sore. 

a close up photo of a set of wispy angel lashes on a green eye

Glamcor Lights have different dimming stages and offer ‘daylight’ style lighting, which means that it’s bright without hurting your eyes or your clients’ eyes in the way that cooler blue light can, and keeps every tiny detail looking nice and sharp, which isn’t always true of warmer lights. This also means that you get a much more accurate representation of colors, which means that if you’re using your Glamcor Light for gel nails, colored lashes, or even brow tinting, you’re going to get the results that you and your client expect and were hoping for, because the light won’t warm up or wash out the color of the tint or of your client’s complexion. 

What Sets The Horizon Apart? 

The Glamcor Horizon is the latest light to be added to the Glamcor range, and it’s the first single arm curved light from Glamcor. Until now, Glamcor Lights had straight luminaries on either one arm or two. They’re sleek and adjustable and still offer you that lovely bright, adjustable light, so if that’s more your thing than the new Horizon, you can still guarantee that it’ll look stunning in your lash studio, and will provide you with perfect lighting that will make your lashing day easier and more accurate. 

a glamcor light in a salon set up

Though we love every Glamcor Light, we’re pretty blown away by how sleek and pretty the Horizon is. It takes form just as seriously as function, so as well as giving you a solid beam of light across both sides of the face which perfectly illuminates every single lash, it looks unbelievably cute with the rest of your salon decor to give your clients a stunning first impression when they walk in. 

Is it Portable? 

Like any Glamcor Light, the Horizon is lightweight and doesn’t have any cooldown time, making it safe and easy to transport between clients. The only downside is that the Horizon doesn’t come with its own carry bag, so if you want a lamp that you can pack away and carry around with ease, check out the Glamcor Multimedia, or the Glamcor Capture instead as each of these has an arm with a phone attachment for you to create content, just like the Glamcor Horizon. 

On the Subject of Content Creation…

The shape and design of the Glamcor Horizon makes it so that you’ll never experience strobing whilst taking your lash photos and videos; therefore, it’s the perfect choice for those of you who love to create videos and take stunning photos of your eyelash extension sets. 

For those lash-fluencers amongst you, you’ll also love the remote control that allows you to adjust your lighting so that it’s absolutely perfect for your videos without having to move from your spot, saving you time and guesswork on your setup! 

glamcor horizon being operated with a remote control

All in all, the Glamcor Horizon is one of many excellent options from the team at Glamcor, who work hard to ensure that there is a lamp for each and every Lash Tech of any level. While it may feel like a big outlay if you’re just starting out, good lighting is something that really shouldn’t be compromised on!