Lash Pics Not Coming Out As You Want Them To? Try This...

It’s 2023… your Instagram content is arguably as crucial as your lash sets! There are so many lash accounts to compete with, so how do you make your work stand out? Lucky for you, we’ve got all the tips and tricks to up your Insta game. 


This one is often overlooked, but it makes all the difference - make sure the shot is perfect! This is your last chance to make sure all the lash extensions are in the right place, there are no stray eyebrow hairs and no rogue lashes stuck to your client’s face. It may seem simple, but it’s enough to draw the attention away from your gorgeous lashes, and straight to the imperfection. If you’re putting all that time and effort in, you want to make sure people are focusing on your work and nothing else, so don’t forget this quick step. 

wispy wet look lashes


Flash won’t cut it anymore… it’s time to get a good content light. With lash pictures, the photo must be well-lit. Not only do you want to avoid any shadows in the shot, but a quality light will ensure you can see all the gorgeous details, making your work as enticing as possible. To get the best results, position your light directly behind your camera. 

Our all-time favourite lighting at London Lash is Glamcor. There are lots of different options to suit your needs, but they can all be used as a lash light as well as your content light. So it may be an investment, but you will use it for every appointment you do.

a glamcor multimedia with an iphone attachment

Macro Lens

We’re letting you in on our biggest secrets here, but the Clip on Macro Lens is what we use at to take the majority of our content at London Lash, and it helped us grow our following to over 200k! This accessory comes with a wide angle and a macro lens and is compatible with all dual-camera phones including iPhone, Galaxy and Google Pixel.

This lens is the best way to get up close and personal with your work, and prove to clients just how perfect your lash sets are. It’s also a great way to portray the texture of your lashes through a screen!

a gif showing how to use a macro lens


Now, learning new social media trends can be so overwhelming, but it’s time to get to grips with Reels. Instagram push video content (Reels in particular), significantly more than images, so to get the best exposure and engagement, you need to be utilising this tool. 

Check out the London Lash Instagram for Reels inspo!


This may sound controversial, but you should be editing your lash pictures. Whilst we all know it’s completely normal for your client to have spots or imperfections, it’s not what you want your followers attention to be drawn to, so we always recommend editing them out. This just makes sure the subject of the picture is your lash set you’ve just spent 2 hours on, and not a spot on someones nose - it’s important to double check with your client that they are comfortable with you doing this.

You can also make any other edits you like such as blurring the skin, whitening the eyes, and altering the colours to make sure your lash pic is as aesthetically pleasing as possible! 

a set of volume lashes using premade volume fans

There you have it; a few simple tricks to improve your lash content! It may take some time to find the type of content you love, and that works best for your brand, so have a play around and don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

Make sure to tag us if you use any of these tips, we can’t wait to see how you get on.