Comparing Cleansers: What Makes Lash Shampoo Different from Lash Cleanser, and Do You Really Need Both?

Eyelash Extension Cleanser, on the surface, looks like it comes in many forms. What’s the difference between lash extension shampoo, and lash extension cleanser? Surely they do the same job? Well, sort of – depending on how you use them they can be said to do a similar job, but they have quite different roles in the eyelash extension pretreatment routine. To help you give your clients the best treatment experience, let’s take a closer look at each…

What is Lash Shampoo?

Lash Shampoo has been developed specifically for cleansing the eyelid and eyelashes before the application of eyelash extensions. London Lash’s Lash Shampoo contains Tea Tree Extract too, which is a natural antibacterial product so protects your clients’ lash and eye health whilst also providing a good environment for eyelash extension glue to bond with the natural lashes. 

Lash Shampoo is easy to use because it is dispensed as a foam, so all you need to do is work it into the lash line and cleanse the eyelid area with a Lash Cleansing Brush, removing makeup and skincare residue, oils, dust, dirt and anything else that might have collected in the lash line. 

best lash shampoo for lash extensions pre-treatment Canada

The reason we need to remove all of that from the natural lashes before applying extensions is because anything on the lashes will get in the way of your eyelash extensions glue forming a strong bond between the extensions and the natural lashes – it may not show in the salon, but as soon as your client takes a shower later, that hot water and facial cleanser will see the lashes slide right off as it gets rid of the dirt on the lashes. 

Do You Have to Rinse Lash Shampoo?

You do, it’s the only pretreatment product in our collection that does require rinsing. Pat the eyes dry with a tissue, and you’re ready to carry on with your treatment. 

Can Lash Shampoo be Used Alone? 

It can be! If you’re running a little short on time or if you have a tighter budget where buying your products is concerned, Lash Shampoo is a great single step pretreatment routine. Ideally though, it’s good to follow up withthe rest of our tried, tested and much-loved pretreatment routine so you can be absolutely certain your lash extension retention is incredible!

Lash Shampoo also provides a retail opportunity for you, as it is excellent when used as aftercare. It keeps the lashes clean and healthy, is super easy for your clients to use at home, and will last them a long time, so makes for a really worthy investment!

Can You Use Lash Shampoo for Other Treatments?

You absolutely can, while it was developed with eyelash extensions in mind, it can be used before lash lifts of any brow treatment as it’s safe to use on the skin and the hairs. 

best lash shampoo for lash extensions pre-treatment Canada

Can You Skip Lash Shampoo During Pretreatment?

You can, but only if you’ll be using Protein Remover & Cleansing Pads to clean the eyelid area and lash line, followed by Cleanser and Primer. You should never under any circumstances skip pretreatment altogether – the lash extensions won’t last at all and you’re increasing the chances that your client may experience some discomfort and/or health issues.

What is Lash Cleanser?

London Lash Cleanser is an alcohol based pretreatment product which strips the lashes of oils and everything else that can prevent your lash extensions glue from forming a strong bond between the extensions and the natural lashes. 

Lash Cleanser is applied to the lashes using a cleansing applicator, or a micro brush – be sure to avoid the skin and the tips of the lashes and focus only on the glue zone. 

Can Lash Cleanser be Used Alone?

No, ideally you want to start off with a more gentle cleanser which will clean the skin and the lash line, but even if you don’t, you will need to follow Lash Cleanser with Lash Primer. The reason for this is simple: Cleanser is alcohol based which allows it to really go hard on any makeup or skincare residue, any oils, serums, sebum etc. that’s on the lashes that we can’t see, but what this also means is that it’s quite drying for the lashes (hence why we avoid the tips of the lashes and the skin). This is why we have to follow Cleanser with Primer, which rehydrates the lashes, providing the right environment for your lash extensions glue to work the way it should. 

best lash cleanser and primer for lash extensions pre-treatment Canada

TOP TIP: While lots of lash extension brands have a Cleanser and a Primer available, it’s quite common for their uses to be opposite to the Cleanser and Primer you’ll find here, where the Lash Primer will be alcohol based, and Cleanser will be water based. Be sure you know exactly which order to use your Lash Cleanser and Lash Primer in for the best results!

What Happens if You Don’t Use Lash Primer After Cleanser?

Your glue will have a harder time drying in the time that it’s supposed to, so you’ll have issues with leaning lashes which will make the finished set look less than perfect, and because the glue is drying more slowly you’ll also have more of an issue withstickies, which will slow you down at the end of your treatment. 

Can You Skip Lash Cleanser? 

You can, but you’ll have far better results if you use it. 

Can Lash Cleanser be Used for Other Treatments?

No, Cleanser is something of a one-trick-pony where its uses are concerned so can only be used as eyelash extension pretreatment. It’s too drying to be used before lash lift, and shouldn’t be applied to the skin, so rules itself out of being used for eyebrow treatments too. 

All things considered, there’s quite a lot of difference between Lash Shampoo and Lash Cleanser. While both can be used for full lash extension sets and during lash fill appointments, they each have their own uses and benefits, which go hand in hand to give your clients an amazing experience, and to make their lash extensions last longer!