Ready to Take the Next Step But Not Sure Where to Start? We've Got You Covered!

If you’re about to get started with volume lashes, you might feel your head starting to spin with the sheer amount of lashes that are on offer. Something that can help is to grab a pre-assembled kit which has an assortment of what you need to get started with volume lashes. However, if you’d prefer absolute control over which products you get to start off with, we’ve put together a list of all the things you need to get off on the right foot with volume lashes.

Which Tweezers to Pick

Before we even get onto the lashes on offer, it’s really important that you get a pair of lash tweezers that have been especially crafted to be used with volume lashes. To put it simply, they’re sturdier, better suited for picking up finer lash extensions, and each and every pair of our volume tweezers has been hand tested by our in-house Lash Masters to make sure you’re getting the absolute best grip on fans of all sorts of sizes, using various fanning techniques. 

You have a few options for volume tweezers, depending on your preference and on the size of the fans you’re working with. We also have some fiber grip tweezers available which help you even more with gripping fans than the standard variety. There are a few things you should know about fiber tip tweezers before you commit though, so it’s worth taking a look at this blog post if you’d like to know more!

all three types of london lash fiber grip volume lash tweezers side by side

Which Lashes You Need

There are a lot of different types of volume lashes, so we’ll try to keep it brief. We have gone over all of the different types of eyelash extensions that we have available in this blog post if you want a bit of a deeper dive, but to keep things relatively simple, we’ll focus on thicknesses and leave the rest up to you. 

The best thickness to get started with is 0.07, which is perfect for volume fans up to 5D. If you’ve used London Lash Classic Lashes before, you may already know which collection is your favorite and which lengths you use the most. If you’re new to London Lash, opt for a couple of mixed length trays so that you can practice fanning and apply a few lash sets before committing to lots of single length trays. The most popular curls are C and CC, but as you get more comfortable with creating volume fans you might want to branch out to more unusual curls such as M or L curls

Choosing A Glue

The best lash glue for you will depend on lots of different factors, and if you’re moving onto Volume Lashes from Classics, the likelihood is that you already have a good idea of which lash glue works best for you. When switching to volume, there is a chance that your placement speed will increase, so it’s worth considering a lash extension glue that dries more gradually while you get used to the slight differences in picking up and placing volume fans. 

London Lash Glue Collection

Anything Else?

Like with Classic Lashes, you’ll need a remover just in case a client needs or would like their lashes removed. Though you’re likely to have a bit more experience with lash removals at this stage than when you were just starting out, it’s still advisable to use Cream Remover for removing full sets as it stays exactly where you put it, and is easy to see if there is residue left on the lashes.

Again, if you’re moving onto Volume Lashes from Classics, you’re likely to have your lash prep routine sorted. If you’re jumping right in with volume though, or you’re trying out London Lash for the first time, you’ll need some quality lash prep products to help your lash sets last. If you’re like some pointers on what to get, take a look at this blog post next

Lastly, it’s always worth having a decent supply of under eye patches and tape on hand, as you use them for each and every client. 

If you want to take out all of the guesswork when putting together your Volume Lash kit, it’s worth grabbing a kit that’s been curated to give you an overview of the London Lash range while also giving you enough products to complete a few sets and see what you like best!