Looking for the Light of Your Life But Not Sure Where to Start? Let’s Narrow Down Your Selection…

Glamcor Lights are the best in the biz. Since 2010, the team at Glamcor have been producing lightweight, adjustable lighting that’s perfect for Lash Technicians. When a company has been going for a long time and aims to serve Lash Technicians of all levels, it stands to reason that they will amass quite the collection of options (just look at the different types of eyelash extensions or the number of lash extension glues we have on offer). 

Options are great, but they can make choosing the best one for you a little overwhelming. We’ve broken down the six Glamcor Lights available into three categories to help narrow down your field of options. 

The Best Glamcor Light if You’re On A Budget

We get it – especially when you’re just starting out, you want to keep costs low. No matter your budget, good light is important for accurate and safe lash application. It’s also a worthy investment if you’re wanting to create high-quality lash content (which is, by the way, a great help for getting new clients).

Glamcor Reveal

The Glamcor Reveal is one of Glamcor’s single-armed lights. It’s cost effective, coming in at $225, and still provides really great, completely adjustable lighting which is absolutely perfect for lashing safely and for taking nice photos of your work at the end of a lash set. 

The Reveal is also quite unique in the world of Glamcor lights. It doesn’t have a full stand but instead clamps onto a table, your beauty bed, or even your lash trolley, so it’s also an excellent choice for those of you who don’t have too much floor space around your beauty bed. 

the glamcor reveal attached to a table with its clamp attachment

Glamcor Capture

The Glamcor Capture is another single-armed light, but this has an extra arm with a phone holder. If you’re someone who likes to film ’lash with me’ style videos while you work, this is a really excellent choice.

The Glamcor Capture is $284, which makes it the obvious choice for Lash Techs who want great lighting and an easy way to film content without having to also look for a decent tripod.

The Best Glamcor Light if You Create Lash Content

While the Glamcor Capture is great for content creation, only having one luminary arm does limit light a bit – no issue for doing lashes or ‘lash with me’ content, but if you’re filming yourself, you’re likely to want more light.

Glamcor Multimedia X

This isn’t just a lamp; it’s a full kit that includes a holder for your phone, and your tablet, and comes with a mirror too. Having two luminary arms with adjustable lighting makes it an excellent choice for lashing and for any kind of social media content.

This is a great choice if you want to take it around with you, as it has a carry case included. All Glamcor lights are really easy to transport as they’re so lightweight and are easy to set up and put down again, all while being sturdy and reliable. The Glamcor Multimedia X is $599, which you can spread the cost of usingAfterpay!

Glamcor Horizon

The Glamcor Horizon is the newest addition to the Glamcor Lights that we have on offer. We introduced it in October 2023, and it sold out within a week! Then it sold out another two times between its late-November restock and February 2024 – this is not something we’ve seen with any other Glamcor Light! 

The Horizon is a great option if you move your light around a salon or studio but don’t take it outside as it doesn’t have a case included. It’s also easily the prettiest Glamcor Light, showcasing a white and gold finish and a curved luminary to provide even light around your clients’ faces, or on whatever it is you’re filming. The Glamcor Horizon is priced at $465.

a gif showing the glamcor horizon being turned on with its remote control

The Best Glamcor Light if You Just Want Easily Adjustable Light

Not looking for anything fancy? We’ve got you covered here too. These two Glamcor Lights are going to help you see even the tiniest natural lashes as you lash them, meaning that you’ll have even less of a chance of accidentally getting stickies in your lash set.

Glamcor Elite X 

The Glamcor Elite is the original Glamcor Light and, to this day, is our go-to in our academies. It’s easy to assemble, easy to put down, easy to adjust, and easy to take everywhere with you if you need to transport it. There’s not a great deal that we can say about it, other than that it’s a great light for Lash Techs of any level, and we’re sure you’ll love it if it’s the one that you choose.

The Glamcor Elite X is $381, and is worth every penny!

Glamcor Revolution X

The Glamcor Revolution adds an extra level of adjustability to the tried, tested, and much beloved Elite X. One of the luminary arms is slightly longer than the other, which means that you have even more range of adjustment when it comes to getting light on the other side of your client’s face, for example. 

The Revolution X has been a staple of our store for a long time now, and priced at $387, it’ll soon become a staple of your lash salon too!

a glamcor revolution close up to show the different length arms

When it comes down to it, any Glamcor Light you choose will be a great choice and an excellent investment, so it really just comes down to whether you want the option of filming using your Glamcor as well as lashing with it or not.